A family computer is a modern-day essential in every household. Whether a desktop or a laptop, a family computer comes in handy for various purposes. It can be utilized by anyone who is computer literate. Given the diversity of age and composition in a typical house, a family computer is utilized by parents, children, guests, and family members. The multi-purpose uses of a family computer imply that it should be customized in every aspect, including the type and nature of software installed. This ensures that parents and children can all enjoy using the computer safely. Here are some of the software that you should install on your family computer.


Antivirus program

A family computer is a multipurpose machine that is used for virtually every conceivable purpose including accessing the internet, downloading files, and even transfer and storage of files. Its multipurpose usage makes the computer highly vulnerable to computer malware and viruses that can otherwise compromise on the safety of files stored thereof. Antivirus software comes in handy in ensuring that files stored in the computer are not exposed to viruses that can be easily transferred from the internet or files from other electronic devices. To ensure efficiency in the usage of the program, it should be set to scan every file accessed in the computer automatically.


Document processors

The family computer should also have a suitable document processor which allows users to create and read documents. A suitable document processor should be comprised of various processing tools that allow the user to create and handle data and information of all sorts. Having a word processing program on the computer would, for example, allow users to create simple documents such as application letters or even create a flowchart.

The program could also come in handy when helping students read their electronic notes or the computer. For enthusiasts in publishing and small-scale writing, having a pamphlet template on the computer comes in handy as it helps create simple documents such as diaries, storybooks, and booklets.


Cloud storage and backup

Computers crash and lose all data from time to time. To protect the family computer from losing such vital data, the computer should have a secondary backup of all vital data it holds. To make the data available and accessible to everyone from anywhere, cloud storage and backup systems are normally the best. The backup should be regularly updated, preferably once or twice a day to ensure that the latest of the files and documents contained in the computer are appropriately backed up.


Gaming software

Children in the house may need to use a computer for relaxation purposes. To ensure the family computer comes in handy thereof, it should be fitted simple gaming software that allows children to play indoor games. The games should, however, not be too large; otherwise, they would slow down the computer. As a parent, you should also regulate the type of games that children play to ensure they are not negatively impacted on their moral values.


Multimedia software

To make the computer versatile in its possible applications in the house, you should also ensure that a multimedia software is installed that allows users to play audio and visual files such as music and movies. The multimedia program should have various capabilities such as being able to incorporate and support subtitle synchronization in a way that promotes the ability of children to enjoy watching movies.



In conclusion, the family computer comes in handy for everyone in the house. To ensure the computer is resourceful for everyone in the house, appropriate software should be installed. The computer should have word processors that allow users to read and write documents, multimedia players that enable users to play multimedia files, simple games for children to play, and antivirus program that protects the computer files from being compromised upon by viruses and malware. Whereas these are the most basic software, more advanced programs should be installed to ensure the computer is resourceful and optimized enough for multiple uses.