The holiday season is upon us. As we all plan for the gift giving and the fabulous holiday parties we will be attending, it’s important to make securing one’s home during the holidays a priority. It is likely that you already have certain measures in place to help protect your home. However, the holidays can be a very tempting time for criminals to try to take advantage of you. Searching for the best ways to keep your home safe this season? Read on for five tips.


1. Have an Alternative for Package Deliveries

Whether you’re out of town or simply out of your home for the day, any package left unattended by the door can be lifted by a thief. Instead of drawing attention to any Christmas packages, it’s better to use a drop-off and pick-up location like Amazon Locker. This will allow you to access your packages at your convenience. Moreover, when shipping packages to yourself, be sure to add the option to sign for packages to ensure they aren’t delivered without your knowledge.


2. Leave Updating Social Media Until Later

You may love to regularly update your social media accounts, but if you are constantly posting about your holiday adventures abroad, you are advertising to strangers and thieves that your house is sitting unattended. Similarly, what may seem like a harmless RSVP to an event on Facebook is another signal that you will be out of your house. If you want to post your adventures, make sure it’s a #latergram and that you’re already back home when you do.


3. Try Smart Tech

Smart tech isn’t just a way to make you look technologically savvy. With smart tech, you can completely upgrade your home’s security and ensure that you are doing everything in your power to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. One of the most popular additions to include in your home security is a installing a camera above the doorbell.


Where a peephole was once enough to see who was outside the door, a camera is the next level of front door security. These cameras sync to your smartphone, allowing you to keep an eye on your door from anywhere in the world. In addition to setting up a doorbell camera, it is a good idea to add a camera to every other part of the house. This will help you keep an eye on your home whether you’re in town or not.


4. Upgrade Everything Else in Your Home

In addition to adding smart security to your home, consider upgrading everything else as well. Now is the time to switch out any old or damaged locks for better ones. Additionally, consider getting a stronger door that will be virtually impenetrable. The likes of stainless steel and similar materials are excellent choices for anyone hoping to keep their home as safe as possible.


5. Strengthen Your Internet Security

Think thieves can only cause damage in the physical world? Think again. With all the online shopping that the average buyer does, it makes it easy for consumers with weaker Internet connections to fall prey to the theft of credit card data. In order to protect yourself against a would-be hacker, be sure to run regular security updates and install antivirus software to test your system for any threats or viruses.


The holidays are a time for sharing happiness with friends and family. Don’t let the threat of criminals put a damper on your holiday joy. Take these five tips into consideration as you prepare for the holiday season this year.