Trying to stay warm while it is cold out can be a challenge. The strong winds seem to blast the warm air out of your living quarters. Fight back this winter and save money on heating costs. With just a little ingenuity and work can keep you comfortable while winter rages outside.


Insulation is the First Step

Pumping heat out through the roof of your house is not something you want to do this winter. You can prevent a large portion of this loss by adding insulation in your attic. The easiest way to do this is by blowing loose fill insulation on the attic floor to a depth of 12 inches. This can be done yourself by renting a special machine that has long lengths of hose that sprays the insulation throughout the attic.

Another option is batt insulation, which should be free of paper backing. Any type of paper backed insulation should be installed directly towards the living area or else it will draw moisture and render the insulation useless and attract mold.


Space Heaters

Using a propane space heater is a great money saving option. You can reduce the heat throughout the house and keep the most used room warm with a space heater. You will still be warm and comfortable without having your furnace running continuously. Installing a new filter on your furnace should also be done before the start of winter.


Insulated Drapes and Curtains

Installing insulated drapes and curtains needs to be done right. The windows should be covered a few inches below the window, ideally down to the floor. When closed, the sides should be attached to the walls with a double sided tape to create an airtight seal. The tops of the curtains or drapes should also extend a few inches above the windows.

Take advantage of the sunshine and its natural heating effect by opening the drapes on windows facing the sun. Keep them closed after the sun rays no longer comes through these windows. Always keep the curtains and drapes closed tightly after sunset.


Sealing Drafts

Doors, windows, and exterior electrical outlets are all a big source of heat loss. There are foam gaskets specially designed for sealing outlets that let in cold air. These are installed easily by removing the plastic cover and fitting the gasket in. A putty also made for this can be used. Always turn the electrical power off when working on any electric device or outlet.

There is foam spray available for sealing major air leaks around windows. It hardens and can be sanded and painted to match the surroundings. If your exterior doors do not have a good seal, hang a heavy cover or drape across it to seal off the draft.


Dressing Warm and Staying Active

Wearing proper clothing will go a long way in keeping you warm when it is cold. Don’t wear shorts and a lightweight shirt. Wearing thick pants and a sweater or sweatshirt can let you keep the thermostat at a lower setting while you stay warm.

Staying active will help keep you from being cold. Put on some music and dance. Exercise is another good way to stay warm. This is also good for your health and much better than being on the couch watching television. Cooking your meals at home will take advantage of the heat from the oven. This is another thing that is better for your health.

Using these methods are low cost and will save money on your energy bills this winter. Heat loss is one of the biggest wastes of energy in homes today. Don’t let the high cost of energy ruin your winter. Keep warm while keeping your money in the bank.