It would be a great attempt if you could make your own cleaning products at home. It will not only save you a huge amount of money but will also be a good initiative towards caring for our green Earth. We have come up with some of the best instructions and recipes for making home cleansers, including rust remover, laundry detergent, linen spray, fabric softener, and more. Let’s take a look.

Tub Scrub

  • With this DIY hack, having your sparkling clean tub is literally as simple as slicing a grapefruit or lemon. People who want their cleaning items to be all green and natural prefer this tub cleaning way.
  • Slice a grapefruit or lemon and sprinkle kosher salt on the fruit.
  • Scrub the bath which this cleaner to help remove any build-up.
  • Employ this tub scrub to clean a filthy bathtub.

All-Purpose Spray

It’s one of the greatest gateway DIY for the people who are trying to develop the habit of homemade and natural cleaning products. This all-purpose spray only takes three ingredients; water, baking soda, and white vinegar. The ratio of water and vinegar should be 3:1 i.e., 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. Here is the recipe:

  • Take a spray bottle and add ¼ cup vinegar in it.
  • Add 2 tbsp. of baking soda.
  • Fill the spray bottle with water.
  • You may put a few drops of any essential oils to have a good fragrance.

Be mindful of not applying this cleaning mixture on the natural stone as the acidic product will erode the stone, harming the surface. You can also take help from Maids 2 Match Cleaning Services if you need a deep cleaning.

Rust Remover

Removing rust is not easy and in order to remove the stubborn rust, you often have to buy rust removers. However, almost all of the rust removers have toxic chemicals in them and pose serious threats to humans and environment. To overcome this problem, gentler ingredients such as lemon juice and borax can make a potential rust removing mixture at home.

  • Mix lemon juice and borax and form the paste.
  • Apply this mixture on the rusty surface and leave it for 30 min. at least.
  • After that, employ a toothbrush for scrubbing the mixture against the rusted surface and see the magic.

Laundry Detergent

Only four ingredients are required to make an excellent laundry detergent at home. These are washing soda, borax, fels naptha, and water:

  • Take a large pot and pour five glasses of water in it to heat.
  • Pulverize the Fels Naptha in the blender or food processor or simply grate it. Once the water is close to boiling, add the grated or pulverized soap in it.
  • Let this mixture boil until all the soap has melted while you keep stirring.
  • Once the soap has melted, allow this mix to cool and add the rest of ingredients.

Lastly, add 3 gallons of water to the mix. Your laundry detergent is ready.

Dishwasher Tab

Each dishwasher tab will only cost you about 3 cents at home which is the fifth of what we might pay to buy it from the market. It takes 4 simple ingredients; washing soda, baking soda, lemon juice, and kosher salt. Baking soda is used for cutting the grease. Kosher salt reduces the build-up of hard water. You can make washing soda by yourself which functions as a cleaner:

  • Add 1 cup of each (washing soda, baking soda, kosher salt) into a pot and mix.
  • Add ¾ lemon juice.
  • Mix all ingredients to form a paste.
  • Then press the tabs into the mold and allow them to harden.
  • Pick them out of the mold and then put in the air-tight pot.

Now, you see that with a little effort, you can make almost all the cleaning products at your home. This endeavor does not only save you money but also protects our Earth from the damages caused by toxic chemical detergents. Hence, this home-friendly, as well as the environment-friendly effort will leave you satisfied and happy in the end. Just give it a try!