A hunting or fishing vacation can make for an exciting luxury trip. If you’re interested in the sport but want to do it in style, there are lots of incredible places you can visit. It’s much easier to hunt in some locations than others, and you can find specially tailored trips. If you want to live in luxury while you’re hunting or fishing, you can stay at one of the many top lodges around the world. Try out one of the five countries below if you want to seek out somewhere glamorous to stay, while also getting up close with the wilderness.


You can find excellent hunting and fishing in different parts of Canada. If you love to fish, head to Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon fishing is a popular sport in British Columbia, and you’ll find annual events you can participate in. Head to Painter’s Lodge if you want somewhere grand to stay. If you would rather hunt for birds, you should try Dymond Lake Lodge in Manitoba. Many people say it’s the most luxurious hunting lodge in the country.



The UK might not be known for having a lot of guns, but when it comes to hunting, there’s plenty. It’s a popular pursuit for both the upper classes and people who live rurally. You can find luxury hunting lodges in several places across the country. Go to Tarr Farm in Exmoor to practice your shooting, as well as enjoy a range of other outdoor activities. Or go hunting for birds at Stapleford Park in Leicestershire, where you’ll find pheasants, partridges, and ducks.


There are many opportunities to enjoy a luxury hunting vacation in the United States. You’ll find a broad range of hunting methods and game, as well as places to fish. Hunt deer and fly fish at Three Forks Ranch in Wyoming and Colorado. Catch yourself a turkey at LaFonda Ranch in Texas or bring in some wild Alaskan salmon at the Rainbow Bay Resort. Just don’t forget to look at rangefinders for hunting before you go.


New Zealand

You might not think of New Zealand first when you’re looking for luxury hunting lodges. But you’ll find gorgeous places to stay, and plenty to hunt. At Huka Lodge in Taupo, you can fish from a raft or boat. There’s turkey hunting all year round, as well as seasonal hunts for other game birds. Stay at Glenroy Hunting Lodge near Queenstown and you can hunt everything from deer and elk to rabbit.


If you’re looking for moose, you can also go to Sweden. The best time to go is during the fall when you’ll also discover small game. You can hunt throughout the year, however, including during the winter. Fishing is an option too, for anyone who wants a more relaxed trip. You can even hire your own private luxury lodge to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Hunting trips don’t have to mean sleeping in tents and being one with nature. If you prefer the luxury life, these locations could be for you.