When many homeowners contact an HVAC specialist for an aircon repair, they have a problem with their refrigeration. The start of the warmer months is a typical time to receive these types of calls. The cooling equipment hasn’t been used during the winter, and now it’s turned back on it simply isn’t working as well as it used to. For these and other reasons, it’s a great idea to schedule some regular servicing for your heating and cooling equipment at the start of each cold and warm season. Let’s take at five common signs that you have a refrigerant leak in your cooling system.

1. Poor Cooling Performance

You may notice that your cooling system just cannot keep up with your demands during the hotter parts of the day. The AC system is struggling to remove the heat from your home efficiently, and this often due to a lack of coolant.  When buying a new fridge, look for a trusted retailer that has good rating, reliable, efficient, and quality products.

2. A Rise in Humidity

Many people are unaware that their air conditioning systems are also dehumidifiers. Essentially, the AC system will dehumidify the indoor air as it removes the warmer air from your indoor space. If a refrigerant leak has occurred, the air conditioner will be less effective at dehumidifying. You may notice a change in how your home feels; it may be clammy and uncomfortable. If the situation is left for too long, you may even notice mould growth in your home and mould spores will be present in your indoor spaces. This could easily trigger allergic reactions, and it may create or exacerbate existing breathing conditions.

3. Lengthy Cooling Cycles

It’s not always possible to notice that your AC system is constantly lagging a few degrees behind the settings on the thermostat. However, you may notice strange behaviour from the sound of air moving around inside your AC system vents. You may start to notice that the cooling cycles seem to be longer than they used to be and yet you’re still not getting the level of indoor comfort that you need.

4. Rising Electricity Bills

If the refrigerant leak has been present for longer than a single month you may notice that there is a problem when you get your next power bill. A spike in energy consumption is often a red flag that you don’t want to ignore, and it could be a sign that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere in your cooling system.

5. Iced Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils for your air conditioning system are located inside the exterior unit. Take some time to take a look at them by removing the housing and examining the components. Many people believe that their air conditioning works by pumping cold air into the home and that ice on their external components. However, this is incorrect, an air conditioner works by removing heat from the home, and if there is ice on any external components you have a refrigerant leak.

So these are some most common signs that your refrigerant cooling is leaking.