The industrial wastes are always deemed harmful and hence treated with highly effective treatment plants. These plants may have different chambers to carry out the treatment. The similar level sewage treatment plants are also provided in urban areas but if you are having your house away from the urban locality and in the countryside then you need to have your own sewage treatment system. In some cases, it is possible to have septic tank near your home and then connect it to the local sewage disposal system. The common queries about sewage treatment system which anybody may be having are replied here to save your time being wasted on elaborate search on this topic.


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  1. What is the role of septic tank in sewage treatment?

Septic tank is the tank that is used in domestic sewage treatment system. The sewage or wastewater stays stagnant in septic tank until the solid waste settles down and the liquid effluent is drained in the drainage field. The solid waste would stay in the septic tank until it gets filled up for further cleaning.

  1. Is the sewage treatment plant same as septic tank?

No! As already stated, septic tank is the part of domestic sewage treatment system where the effluent is not fit for consumption but it is safely disposed. Sewage treatment plant is quite efficient and it uses various chemicals and advanced treatment to get the cleaner effluent. The effluent treated with sewage treatment plant is fit to be disposed in environment and it is less harmful for the water sources as well.

  1. Will these sewage treatment system stink?

This is a very common question when you are installing the domestic sewage treatment plant. The plant would be quite near to your home and if it stinks then you would have unpleasant surrounding for sure. Usually sewage treatment plant doesn’t stink when it has an aeration system installed in it. The problem of stinking would arise only when you have septic tank near to the house where the solid waste stays for longer time. You can avoid this by cleaning this tank on regular basis or in some cases you may also treat the settled waste with chemicals to avoid getting foul smell.

  1. What are the legalities associated with sewage treatment plant?

Depending on the province where you stay, there may be some legal formalities to be completed. You may apply to the environmental authorities for permission and if there is exemption in your area then they will notify you accordingly.

  1. How far should be the plant placed from the house and how frequently it should be cleaned?

The distance of the plant from residence is decided by the environmental authorities but the general norms suggest that the plant should be 7 to 10 meters away from the residence. The cleaning and emptying of the tank would solely depend on the usage and capacity of settlement tank. Annual cleaning pattern is quite popular though.

If you are planning to install sewage treatment plant for your domestic needs then above information would be enough to proceed.