Stomach ache is one of the most common problems we can suffer. Usually, it lasts just a few minutes, and many of us can carry on with our daily tasks uninterrupted. Of course, when the pain has you doubled over or rushing for the bathroom, life becomes much more difficult. It’s rare for a common tummy ache to be a sign of something serious, but persistent problems should always be checked out by your own doctor. Here are some of the most common reasons you have abdominal pain:

Aching Abs

A good workout that focuses on your core and abdominal muscles can leave you aching. As these muscles are grouped together, the sensation could be mistaken for something more serious. And if they go into spasm, you might be feeling more than a little uncomfortable. It’s obviously a tricky area to massage, but gentle stretches and rest can help a lot here. Women who have torn abs from pregnancy can suffer this discomfort a little more.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Digestive discomfort and frequent diarrhea and constipation can be signs of an irritable bowel. This can be improved with changes to the diet, but long-term sufferers might prefer to try an over the counter IBS supplement to reduce the symptoms. IBS can be very painful, but the effects on your digestive processes can be difficult to live with at times. This is not a serious illness or disease. However, it can be very hard to avoid.


Stomach flu or gastro are terms we hear a lot these days. The pain from the spasms in your stomach can be quite unbearable. But the real problem comes from the dehydration it might cause. Usually, this violent illness lasts just forty-eight hours. Your body ejects all that you eat and drink, and with it, the bacteria can be ejected too. Plenty of fluids reduces the risk of dehydration. It’s important to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading the germs.

Acid Reflux

That horrible taste in your mouth and that burning sensation in your throat when you have eaten could be caused by acid reflux. This can be quite common in children as well as adults. It can put you off your food, and may even cause damage to your teeth. A weak valve down by the stomach can be to blame. It can worsen as the contents of the stomach leak past it. A gentle diet and heartburn remedy can sometimes help here.


Hormone changes for women can cause pain and discomfort in the uterus. It can also cause an increase in bloating that may feel like a tummy ache. Bloating over a long period of time could also be a sign of liver problems that should be seen to immediately. The sensations of pain and discomfort can be felt anywhere around the pelvis and all the way up toward the stomach itself. Usually, it passes within a few days, but persistent pain outside of the natural cycle should be investigated.

Abdominal pain isn’t always relieved with painkillers. Some gentle movements, twists, and stretches can provide a little relief. Speak to your doctor if a pain is persistent or accompanied by other unusual symptoms.