The invitations have been sent, the cars have been booked, the flowers are on order and the seating plan is just one awkward relative away from completion. But where does your partner stand on your wedding check list? It may not be the most romantic of suggestions but there really are some details you must know before rings are exchanged.

1. Use Social Networks

Years ago we knew everyone the love of our life was friends with. Nowadays, thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook, they could have hundreds who you’ve never even heard of. He or she is probably just having harmless banter with the opposite sex but it’s best to find out before it’s too late. If you’re not already one of your partner’s on-line ‘friends’ sign-up now, if you discover you haven’t got clearance to see all of their messages then ask why.

2. Check Their Credit

When we think about the qualities we want in a husband or wife, our thoughts tend to turn to personality traits such as kindness, faithfulness and a sense of humor.

To yearn for a healthy credit rating may seem cold and calculating. Will it seem that way when you assume their debt or all financial responsibility falls to you because they can’t apply for so much as a store card? Suggest you look up your credit ratings together, if he or she resists without a good reason then you may have a problem.

3. Wills and Trusts?

Nobody wants to think too deeply about the ‘til death do us part‘ line of the vows, but if the worst does happen then you don’t want to find out that someone else is entitled to what you thought was yours. Wills are written for a reason, to make sure that assets, cash and belongings are not inherited by the wrong person.

As a spouse you will have a number of presumed rights but the existence of a will may throw up a few unwelcome surprises, especially if children from a previous relationship are involved. Talk to your partner about the provisions they’ve made or intend to make and find out where you stand.

4. A Doctor’s Report

Many people see the honeymoon period as an ideal time to start a family, particularly if there’s been a long engagement. So ask your partner about their family medical history before you take the leap into parenthood, there may be some issues that you need to consider.

5. A Private Investigator

When your romance has been of the whirlwind rather than slow burn variety there could be more to your future husband or wife than they have been prepared to reveal. If you have any doubts about their past, hire a reputable agency to compile a background check and put your mind to rest.