There were times we used a great device for fashion but now it has become a regular gadget that makes us lead  a well-planned life with efficiency. So, now  It’s time to eat, sleep and walk repeatedly with these top activity bands of 2018, that we have carefully listed for you.

#1. Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR comes in a variety of colors such as tangerine, black, plum, teal, as well as blue, and the screen is also made to match the band color to avoid it appearing like a war of ideas. The band has an OLED monochrome screen display, very easy to read regardless of size and gives the wearer the ability to navigate while searching for daily statistics. The band has also designed with good battery life and is powerful enough to perform all your activity tracking with just the push of a button.

Fitbit Charge HR

#2. Microsoft Band2

The Microsoft Band2 was designed with more functionality and this has put it ahead of other fitness trackers in the market. It comes with a large carved screen with more sensors and smarter design. This time, the Band 2 boast of a longer battery type as lithium polymer but not water resistant enabled and has fewer features for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. However, an announcement at CES 2016 by Microsoft indicates that the device will soon function along with some exclusive Volvo vehicles. It has tipped to have amazing functionality such as navigation, heater function, door lock function, flash the light feature and honking the horn function. It is obvious that the Band2 is a better upgrade of the Microsoft band a cleaner too, even as it cannot be assumed to be the most visually appealing. it also has a sensor, a barometer, making it a dual-sensor packed device.

Microsoft Band2

#3. Jawbone Up3

The UP3 by Jawbone comes with an auto resting heart rate monitor while tracking your heart rate overnight and keeps a tab on your heart rate periodically the moment it’s in sleep mode by creating a graphic image of the data. However it cannot monitor your heart rate on demand and fortunately, this is very good for assessing stress levels but this means you don’t have the ability to turn it on during any activity. It has the ability to keep tabs on when you are in light sleep with the aid of motion data. the Jawbone UP3 has a UP device app that gives you the chance to log foods you eat as it rates your eating habits on a daily basis.

Jawbone Up3

#4. Fitbit Flex

the Fitbit Flex comes as a slim stylish wrist device designed to effectively track all of your days activity such as distance covered, steps taken and all active minutes. It has a LED display that comes to life by lighting up as you inch closer to your desired results and the band comes in ten different colors to choose from: pink, slate, lime, back, tangerine, teal, red, navy and blue.

The Fitbit Flex battery life is of a shorter lifespan on a single charge when compared to the average battery life of 9 days max. When it comes to the charge time, it will have fully charged batteries in an average amount of time. the device has two types of bands: with the small measuring 5.5 – 6.9 inch, the large measuring 6.3-8.2 inches and both have a width of 0.6 inches.

Fitbit Flex

#5. Withings Activite pop

Withings Activite pop comes with an exceptional kind of design with 8 months battery life (single cr2025 coin cell)which is a great strength for the fitness tracker as no charges are necessary. The device was designed as waterproof up to 5atm, accurate activity and sleep tracker that comes with a vibration alarm. Its metal body is practically machine milled. Looking at the Activites’ 33mm wide case, it was tipped as one of the very first tracking watches to appeal to both genders. It boasts of a scratch-proof display made of domed sapphire glass and PVD coated metal with no reports of skin irritation issues.

Withings Activite pop

The Activite also comes with a verity of colors (unisex) and great looking straps that are interchangeable, so compact that you’d love it at first encounter but much thicker compared to the usual 1.3 inch, 18mm strap watch. Both the battery and sensors are located in a rear bump that is hardly noticeable. It has a time zone function that auto-reset itself by using the mobile device time setting just as you alter it.