Kolkata is a highly populated city with a rich culture of food. Kolkata is world-famous for its many dishes and street food. With these tasty and spicy food dishes, filled with fats and amino acids, many dental problems follow. Dental problems ranging from tooth decay, gum infection, gum bleeding, broken teeth, swollen gums, etc. are reported. Thanks to very talented doctors of Kolkata who are professionally trained to get rid of all such problems by medical procedures.

Not only food habits but some inherent problems like a twisted tooth, unequal size of teeth set, etc. are also very frequent among people. Orthodontic treatments help people in getting rid of these problems, and a good orthodontist is what you need in troubled times. Kolkata boasts of highly qualified and experienced dentists who know every modern tool and technology. You can simply search a dental clinic near New Alipore to have access to the dentist like Dr. Apratim or read this article till the end to know the top dentist near New Alipore.

The dental clinics are very easy to find. But, to find the dentist who caters to all your needs and gives the full treatment of your problem. This is the list of best dental clinics that provide cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata. You can choose the dentist who meets all your requirement.

Apurva Dental Clinic

Ruchi Lohia has provided quality dentistry procedures for a long time and has excelled in this field. Apurva dental clinic has up-to-date technology and modern dentistry tools that provide easy treatment to the patients and at low prices. The qualified and experienced doctors and helpers in the Apurva clinic have a special senior citizen care program.

Some of the many Orthodontic treatments provided by Apurva dental clinic are

Tooth pain relief, teeth braces, bleeding um, tooth decay treatment, teeth whitening and polishing, smile designing, dentures and therapeutic treatments, cosmetic dentistry, etc. thus, Apurva dental clinic can be the solution to all your dental problems.

Dr. Apratim Ganguly

Apratim Ganguly has been in the dentistry field for a long time and is trusted very much. He is one of the top dentists near New Alipore due to his assuring treatments and medical counseling. Dr. has many clinics all around Kolkata and serves many patients. His clinics have new technology pieces of equipment used to make every treatment more effective and less tiresome.

Ganguly has been in this professional field for quite a long time and understands patients’ problems and, after examining, gives useful treatment advice. You just need to explore through his website for a booking appointment.

Dr, Ganguly treats all kinds of dental problems and performs orthodontic treatments like gum bleeding, tooth decay, teeth redesigning, swollen gum, dentures, restorative treatment, etc. He is one of the best doctors to provide cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata.

Teeth Care Multispecialty Dental Clinic.

As the name suggests, Teeth care is a very professional dental clinic that provides all types of dental treatments with its world-class techniques. This clinic has Dr. Arimeeta Chakraverty specializing in wisdom tooth removal, maxilla fracture repair, and root canal treatment.

They have advanced clinics in South Kolkata as well as have branches In North Kolkata. You can book an early appointment so that you have teeth issues resolved quickly under the best doctors.


Aesthetica is a big dental specialization clinic and has its presence in the whole Kolkata. Aesthetica is known for its technology-driven treatments that are hygienic successful and meet the international levels of dentistry. International patients prefer it as their first choice due to the facilities it provides. Aesthetica has 3-D printing technology that helps in smile designing and reshaping.

Aesthetica has the reputation of being managed by top-quality national-level professionals.

Apollo White Dental Clinics And Hospitals:

Apollo is a very big name in the medical fraternity all over India. It has been providing orthodontic treatments all over India. Apollo has a very big hospital and clinic aimed at best dentistry. Though it is a little expensive, the impressive results are worth the money.

Now, you have got a list of the top dentist in Kolkata, and now you can decide which is the most suitable for you.