When it comes to your kitchen, there are plenty of essential tools that no chef can live without. And one of those essentials is definitely going to be your bread knife. Everyone knows that you can’t just cut through bread with any normal knife – it’s got to be a bread knife.

But how can you be sure that you’re using the highest quality bread knife out there? Well, we have made this article to help you on the search for the best possible knife to cut through loaves of bread. Read on down below to read about the top five best bread knives you can buy on the market.

  1. Global Bread Knife

This bread knife is one for the record books. It’s actually been designed using the same method that the ancient samurais used on their swords in Japan. How cool is that? To build this masterpiece, the designers and manufacturers used sand to achieve the perfect balance and weight for your hand.

That all means that it’s going to be easy to hold and light to carry around. You’ll feel like you’re cutting through bread with nothing at all. Plus, there are deep scallops on the edges, so it’s perfect to get through pretty crusty loaves. And how cool is it that you’re using samurai technology to cut your bread?

  1. Lion Sabatier Fully Forged Bread Knife

These knives are popular around the world for their ability to cleanly cut loaves of bread and plenty of other things. And with such a famous brand name, you know you’re going to be getting a high-quality knife. It holds super well in your hand and the aesthetic of the knife is hands-down one of the best in the business.

You’re definitely not going to be disappointed when you get this bad boy in your hands. Whether you choose this one or one from the Cut It Fine selection, you won’t be let down.

  1. Kitchen Devils Bread Knife

When you look at the packaging of this Kitchen Devils Bread Knife, it tells you that this is the most comfortable knife you’ve ever held. And that couldn’t be further from the truth! You’ve got a finger guard included in the knife for extra safety when you’re cutting up that bread and other things. The wide blade is pretty easy to control, so you’re going to have no trouble cutting through anything. And it does so with bread without squishing up the bread, which no one wants!

  1. Victorinox Rosewood Fully Forged Bread Knife

Bread is going to cut like butter when you get this fully forged bread knife in your hands. The serrated edges of the Victorinox Rosewood Bread Knife are going to give you results like you couldn’t imagine. And with a name like that, how could it not? The rosewood handle is absolutely beautiful and feels great to handle. It’s pretty much the most beautifully designed knife on this list, so you’re not going to be let down with this one.

  1. Lakeland Fully Forged Bread Knife

The knife on this thing is made out of a bar of steel, so this is the real deal. The steel has been heated and hammered into this beautifully shaped knife. And because of this, it’s going to be much stronger than your standard knife. However, keep in mind that this knife is a bit heavier than the others on this list because of the steel. But that’s what makes it such a high-quality knife! It’s going to last you through the years and many loaves of bread.

Well, which one do you think you will choose? All of these bread knives are fantastic choices if you’re looking for a real investment in something that’s going to last you for years.