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5 Best Aftermarket Mods for Nissan Altimas

The Nissan Altima is the pinnacle of smart engineering. Its reliable engine, clean lines, and cozy interior make this car an instant favorite. Getting you from point A to point B is your Nissan Altima’s job. Our job here is to help you get more out of your wheels. Choose from a large range of precisely built Altima components to suit your needs.  The components you find here are custom engineered to fit your Nissan Altima for the best looks, performance, and fit. You can rest assured that we have got your ride covered.

The Nissan Altima is a mid-sized car that is available as a four-door sedan or as a sporty two-door coupe. In stock form, the Altima is a nice, reliable Japanese car that is a great commuter. However, though it’s not the slowest car around, it can benefit from the addition of some modifications that can make it faster. Whether it’s adding parts to the engine to make the Altima faster in a straight line or modifying the suspension and brakes for more power, there are numerous ways to improve this car’s performance.

Working on your car is a rewarding experience. Whether you are diagnosing an issue with a car code reader or installing a mod, there is nothing quite like using your own hands to take care of your vehicle. It affords you the chance to get exactly the right driving experience from your ride. If you want to modify your Nissan Altima, here are some aftermarket mods that should be on your list.

  1. K&N High-Performance Air Intake System

The air intake is where your engine breathes in new oxygen. Without a strong airflow, your vehicle won’t be able to make as much power. A K&N intake system will let your engine suck in more of the air it needs.

  1. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Pipe 

The exhaust is almost as important to airflow as the intake. MagnaFlow performance pipes will help your vehicle push out exhaust fumes more easily. This makes room for more fresh oxygen coming into the engine.

  1. Power Stop Performance Brake Pads/Rotors Kit

Increase your vehicle control with a performance brake setup. Power Stop brake pads and rotors will give you all the stopping power you need. These are a must have for any performance build.

  1. FlowTech Exhaust Header 

The header collectors are where the exhaust system starts. A bottleneck here will inhibit your engine airflow and rob you of power. This performance upgrade is a quick way to get more horsepower.

  1. Weiand Pro-Street Supercharger Kit

Forced induction is an effective way to increase the amount of air getting into your engine. A Weiand Pro-Street supercharger will compress air coming in, so there is more oxygen for your engine to use to make power. 

Get Started

Using these aftermarket mods or others, you can change your Nissan Altima to perfectly fit your needs. Whether you want to make it into a hyper-efficient economy car, a track racer or anything else, you can do it with the right parts. Don’t forget to earn points on auto parts by taking advantage of your store’s rewards.

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