In today’s age of cut-throat competition, effective brand marketing is the call of the hour for any brand to survive and succeed.

Without spreading proper brand awareness, it is impossible for any business to create its own niche. Naturally it is imperative for the business owners to go creative for promoting their company.

For this, apart from a solid online presence with an innovatively yet incisively designed website and intelligent social media campaigning, it is also advisable that you indulge in face-to-face interactions with your potential customers. That calls for proven branding strategy.

The freebies or giveaways are almost always very well-taken. The giveaways are one sure shot way to be remembered and the promotional printed drink bottles happen to be an effective means that can enable you to have desired results for your efforts to make your brand household name.

What is Printed Drink Bottle?

The promotional drink bottle is bottled water that consists of a label delineating the important information about your business. Its label contains your name, your logo and all other vital info so that whoever lays their eyes upon the bottle is able to see your business information.

Here are some of the advantages of using printed drink bottle for promoting your brand. Just take a look.

  • Mobile Form of Marketing – How much time is spent on things like internet ads commercials and newspaper ads? Undoubtedly, it is using a huge chunk of your budget. While those are great within their domains, they don’t follow wherever your audience goes in a visible manner. But the printed bottles for drinking are 100% mobile and your brand gets advertised every time the receiver or any other person drinks from these bottles. These bottles are reused year after year and they also change hands thus enhancing the exposure for your brand. Moreover, as the entrepreneur you also don’t have to pay one red cent for this. No other means of advertising can boast of that.

  • Innovative and Affordable – One of the greatest benefits of using the promotional drinking bottles is that they are an innovative idea for marketing apart from being extremely affordable. There are a large number of companies that bring forth quality bottle designs for you to choose from. These can be made from a myriad of materials like the stainless steel, glass, BPA free plastic and much more. Your brand can gain massive exposure through these bottles without a shred of doubt.

  • Portrayal of Your Business as a Health-conscious Brand – Appearance matters a lot in case of advertising and the branded water bottles will assist in exuding your brand to care about the overall wellbeing of the customers. The design of the bottle can vary from one brand to the other. But the ultimate message is clear. You love your clients and think about their welfare. Naturally, when you show that you are concerned about them, it is not just your customers who will keep coming back to you. But probably they will also inspire their friends and family to choose your business over that of your competitors’.

  • Durable and Massive Brand Exposure – The smaller promotional items like pens and lanyards come and go. These products are not convenient for multipurpose usage. The reusable water bottles are capable of containing any liquid and people often use these bottles when they are outside which attracts eyeballs to your brand. The single-use plastic bottles are often criticised. The reusable printed bottles, on the other hand, last long and they are projected as cost-effective for marketing purpose for a reason. They will not only save your money, but also save on the pocket of the customers apart from imparting a great amount of convenience to them. This is because they don’t have to go for purchasing the water bottles at the time of travelling until their reusable bottles last. The durability of these bottles is bound to impress the consumers and will act as the fountain of youth for your brand.

  • Signifying Your Brand as Environmentally Conscious – Irrespective of what you think, brands that are environmentally conscious and have made that evident even to some extent, are viewed in a more favourable light than those brands that are not. By promoting your brand with recyclable printed water bottles, you can build that coveted reputation for your brand. No doubt, you are going to reap the benefits.

The above are some of the benefits of using printed drink bottles for promoting your brand. Use them and witness your business achieve its full potential without digging a hole in your pocket.