As the world strives to seek alternative sources of energy, a lot of innovative ideas are being floated around. Some are merely experimental, while others are have been thoroughly researched, tried and tested. The use of solar energy is largely not a new idea. What is new about it is the various ways in which it is being used. Today, even solar powered cars are a reality.

The use of solar power for business would make a lot of difference for any entrepreneur.  Admittedly, a lot of factors will determine the effectiveness, cost and even the future usage of solar power in your business. Nonetheless, you are unlikely to go wrong if you choose this to power your premises. What exactly are the advantages of using solar power for business? Let’s have a look

1)    Cost Efficiency.

Any entrepreneur knows that anything that reduces the cost of running their business effectively widens their profit margin. It is globally acknowledged that electricity cost has a direct impact on the cost of doing business. As such, nations that have managed to keep electricity bills lower entice entrepreneurs easily.

Solar energy is free. All you need is a system to harvest and, where possible store it. What this means is that you will have a recurrent source of power that is also very reliable. Even when the sun goes down, the energy saved in cells still runs the premises.

Solar panels are also relatively affordable. In fact, there is an influx of solar solutions in the market that you can choose from. The cost of solar panels is also pocket-friendly and so is the installation. All these positives make solar energy an enviable option for businesses.

2)     Environmental Friendliness through Clean Energy

By default, we have become very alert about what happens to our environment. We are now more knowledgeable and endeavor to be better caretakers of the environment around us.

In regard to this, we are constantly looking for alternative sources of energy that cause little or no harm to our environment. Conventional sources of energy from fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum have detrimental events that can be eliminated by using solar power for businesses. Using solar energy therefore enormously contributes to environmental conservation.

3)    Low Maintenance Cost

Solar panels require very minimal maintenance, especially when the right quality is installed and the connectivity system has been done to high standards. Consider, for instance, running a business on a generator. They are prone to frequent breakdowns and a may even stall an organization’s operations leading to heavy losses. On the other hand, solar panels need very little maintenance and can run for a long period of time.

In addition, the sun, as the main source of energy, in this case, is inexhaustible. This means if you buy solar panels for your business, you are powered as long as the sun continues to give rays.

4)    You Earn The Green Label.

Several campaigns around the world are rewarding leaders and entrepreneurs who are encouraging the use of alternative energy sources within their locality. The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a certification program by the Green Building Council for top green building strategies and practices.

The Zero Net Energy campaign has also been instrumental in encouraging the total use of renewable energy within buildings.

The use of solar energy in businesses is no mean achievement for businesses. You can even use it in your PR promotions with great success.

A recent study in Victoria, Australia showed that 73% if residents prefer to buy from businesses that demonstrate concern for the environment. It also demonstrated that 78% if Victorians feel there is an urgent need to deal with climate change.

5)    Eligible for Government Incentives

Presently, several governments are working in partnership with business owners to curb environmental degradation. From these programs, businesses earn incentives including rebates that positively reflect their Return on Investment. Consider the following programs initiated by various governments:

  • The US federal government runs the Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs).In simple terms, these certificates are awarded in terms of rebates given when an energy-saving system installed. Installing a commercial solar system makes your business eligible for STCs
  • In Australia, you can actually be paid for producing excess power through the feed-in tariff schemes. This excess energy is transported to the national grid and is now available for use on a broader scale.


In the modern business environment, it is important for businesses to consider exploring alternative sources of powering their activities. Solar energy carries several advantages not only to businesses to also to the communities in their locality. They are also easier to sustain.

Any business looking for long-term energy solutions into the future should consider going solar. The good thing is that it can be implemented in small scales until the entire organization goes fully green.