Opinions are divided on pretty much anything that matters in this day and age. Leaving aside politics – a guaranteed source of disagreement since time immemorial – there are things as fundamental as how to educate kids, how to treat injuries and illness, and more besides. Even something as seemingly personal as how to get married brings out the strong viewpoints. In a church, or not? A big, widely-attended affair, or a small, simple ceremony?

Those are just two of the simplest questions. There are more complicated ones, of which one of the most divisive has to do with destination weddings. For some people, they are the ultimate goal. For others, they’re against everything a wedding should be. Which side has the right idea? Well, it’s a matter of personal opinion, but here are some bad reasons not to get married abroad – and some explanation of why they don’t hold true.

#1: “It’s Too Expensive!”

While there’s some justification behind this reason, let’s look at the facts. Weddings are almost invariably the most expensive day of a person’s life. In a destination wedding, how that money is spent merely moves from “huge stately home and expensive dress” to “plane tickets to a beautiful destination”. By being more selective with your guest list you may even save money. Yes, it won’t be cheap, but the memories will be extra special.

#2: “It’s A Pain To Organise!”

Yes, that’s true. A destination wedding is a pain to organise, as is… every other kind of wedding you might have. There is no dodging that bullet. However, with an overseas wedding you can pretty much decide what you rule in or out, due to the smaller wedding party. So you can trawl Sourceme and other sites for people to make the wedding video, contact hotels for the honeymoon and then book the flights – the rest of the “traditional” aspects of a wedding don’t need to be an issue.

#3: “Not Everyone Can Go!”

That is undeniably true, but the thing about a wedding is that you will never be able to do it without upsetting someone. If you’re inviting 200 people, then person #201 will be offended. Some people won’t be able to make it due to work commitments. If you make it a small, intimate destination wedding with only the closest friends and family members, at least you can easily justify why the groom’s second cousin twice-removed wasn’t invited.

#4: “Will It Even Count When We Return Home?”

Of course, the legal questions of a destination wedding have to be considered; the same is again true of all weddings, but this is an extra complication. The simplest answer to the question is “sometimes it will, sometimes not”. However, there are ways to make the ceremony more official when you return – and this makes for another excuse to party, too!

#5: “The Day Is Stressful Enough Without Being Away From Home!”

This line of argument goes that, even without the organisational aspect and the cost, a wedding day is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. However, the great thing about a destination wedding is that it’s intimate and the people you love will be there to lean on. Plus, the moment you say “I do”, you’re on holiday and can swim/sunbathe/ski those stresses away!