From how to accessorize to figuring out what type of mix and match actually looks good, it can be a headache to have to keep up with all the current trends going on in Hollywood. Step away from the crowd and become your own trendsetter by sticking to some awesome clothing tips that apply all year round.


Can’t Beat the Classics

One tip in particular that you can never go wrong with is, when in doubt, go with the white button-up. Button-up shirts never go out of style, especially when they come in neutral tones like black and white. Pair this particular top with just about any skirt, short, or pant combination and you’re made in the shade. Also, when it comes to classic styles, scarves are an accessory that can really make or break your outfit. When you’re stuck with a plain jane shirt and pants combo and have no idea how to complete the look, turn to a scarf with a bright and fun design to really make you pop without going too crazy overboard with clashing patterns.


Style to Fit

Nothing looks worse than clothing that just doesn’t fit right. Unless you’re going for an over-sized boyfriend shirt look or your sweater is meant to hang purposely loose over your frame, it’s good to get your measurements down and to check them before hitting the checkout. Sure, not everyone has the time or resources to invest in a tailor to fix all of our clothing to our particular sizes, but it wouldn’t hurt to hem a few pairs of pants to the right height on our ankle rather than allowing the edges to drag under our shoes and fray prematurely. Especially if said pants cost an arm and a leg to begin with. Not sure what is the right size to hem pant legs to?


A good rule of thumb is to hem pants to your shoe length. This means having it hemmed right to the point that the tops of your shoes will show but none of your ankles or socks will dip into view too badly. For this effect, it may actually take the hand of a skilled tailor but the end result is certainly worth the effort.


Know Your Body Type

Similar in principle to styling to your fit, knowing your body type in particular and styling around that will help to accentuate only your best features every single day. If you’re a short, petite woman, you will do well to avoid creating a boxy or overwhelmed silhouette. The aim for shorter people would be to try to create the illusion of more height.


That includes avoiding horizontal stripes and opting instead for vertical designs. Conversely, taller individuals would be able to pull off horizontal stripes without a hitch but would likely need to avoid skirts and dresses that are too short for their size. Taller women may find it it beneficial to concentrate on a good balance, so that they do not appear too top or bottom heavy, depending on their individual body type.


Quality Check

As they say, always choose quality over quantity. When shopping, there is a reason one shirt cost $15 while another cost $50. There are some signs you can look for as a shopper to seek only the best quality, such as what is offered by Lularoe. Check the inside lining of a shirt and see if you’re actually getting your money’s worth by checking the handiwork of the innermost part of your clothing. This will tell you whether or not it will hold up after a hundred washes or after only a few dozen.


Long Term Care

Whenever you buy a new piece of clothing, it’s vital that you check how it’s going to need to be taken care of. This includes how it should be washed and with what settings. If something is hand wash or dry clean only, acknowledge whether or not you will be willing to clean it properly. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your money and end up with a ruined garment in the near future.