Traditional And Non-Traditional Weekend Escapes

The long Easter weekend is coming soon to Australia, and those looking to fully maximize it have many options to consider. Certainly there’s the normal weekend, where you take time off to rest, attend a local Easter service of some variety, maybe have a big dinner or two with friends, and otherwise spend time with family. There’s nothing wrong with that!

As a matter of fact, “staycations” of this variety are ideal for many. But even if you’re devout, it can be a fine thing to seize the weekend and throttle it. The way Easter is celebrated need not necessarily be constrained to one body of believers. After all, the concept of “church” isn’t contained in one building; it’s the “Body of Christ”, which is the totality of the faith.

Essentially, you can celebrate the season with diverse congregations in locales you or your family have never traveled to before. You can have your cake and eat it, too: celebrate the Easter holiday, and get away awhile. Accordingly, following are five ideas to help you maximize the upcoming long weekend.

  1. A Ski/Snowboarding Holiday

If you or the family haven’t taken a ski/snowboarding holiday in Thredbo, it’s something to add to the bucket list. This year you might add it to the list, then check it off! Consider Lantern Apartments. You can get some top-tier lodging for the weekend, hit the slopes, and have a real adventure.

  1. Intrigue in Papua New Guinea

Just north of Queensland is Papua New Guinea, and Port Moresby. This region has major islands, but there are countless lesser islands to explore, natural beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, and more scuba diving than you can shake a weight belt at. Of course, Australia has the Great Barrier Reef as well; but especially on a long weekend, that could be saturated.

If you’ve never been to New Guinea, it may be worth exploring this Easter. You may be surprised at how some of the locals celebrate the holiday.Basically, they hand out cigarettes. Maybe not a holiday trip for all the family! Of course, not all New Guinea communities are in such social atmospheres. (Though some certainly are—that’s part of the charm!)

  1. Exploring The Deep Southwest

In Hopetoun you can find overnight lodging for $21. South and east of Perth, along the coast, there are some great lodging deals you or your family could capitalize on over the holiday. Have you done much exploring that direction recently? Maybe it’s time to!

  1. Seeing How Tasmanian Devils Celebrate Easter

Tasmania has some surprising resort opportunities, and you can introduce your young ones to that strange creature—where it’s observable—the Tasmanian Devil. These beasts are downright intriguing, and the island itself has much to offer. If you’ve never been, maybe this holiday is the time to check it out.

  1. Camping In The Outback—Seen Ayer’s Rock Recently?

Ayer’s Rock is kind of like Australia’s beating heart. It’s full of legacy, it’s full of intrigue and it’s full of mystique. There’s a deep spiritual atmosphere to the place which may be something worth experiencing this Easter. Wonders of the natural world are the art of its designer, and Ayer’s Rock is like the ultimate God sculpture.

Finding Your Best Holiday Spots This Easter

Whether staying home, seeing Ayer’s rock, exploring the southwest, checking out Tasmania, perusing Papua New Guinea, or skiing the Thredbo slopes, there are a lot of places to travel to this holiday. Figure out what moves you, and make the most of this long Easter weekend!