From a young age, you are always taught the need and benefits of maintaining a good oral health. However, there a number of common oral issues that can afflict you along the way with some causing slight discomfort while others are extremely painful. Minor mouth problems are annoying but can be treated via uncomplicated home treatment procedures. Here are five annoying oral issues and how to treat them.

Canker Sores

Canker sores appear either on the tongue or inside your cheek or lip appearing like shallow craters or ulcers. They appear to have a red border as well as a yellow or white center. Canker sores are very painful and can go to the extent of making it hard for you to eat or talk. It is possible to have more than one canker sore at any given time making it hard for you to pursue your normal duties or work. You do not necessarily have to see a doctor for the treatment of canker sores, as they get better on their own.

However, there a number of simple things you can do at home to manage the pain they will cause you. You should eat soft and bland foods that are easy to swallow like cream soup or yoghurt. You should mash, puree or cut your food into small manageable pieces. You should avoid taking chocolate, coffee, juices, salty or spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, seeds or nuts. You can take cold liquids like iced tea or water using a straw in order to avoid touching the canker sores.

Dry Mouth

If you feel that your mouth becomes dry for a long period of time, you could be having a serious underlying oral issue. The saliva in your mouth is important as it offers protection to your teeth from the various bacteria present inside it and their harmful acid. Age, smoking or taking certain medications could be potential culprits of having a dry mouth. In order to treat this condition, you should avoid taking alcohol, tobacco and caffeinated beverages as they increase the dryness felt inside your mouth.

Chapped Lips

You should avoid biting or licking your lips too often in order to prevent them from getting chapped. You can protect your lips using a lip balm or lipstick, which ought to be water-based. You can build a barrier on your lips using petroleum jelly to prevent them from drying excessively. You can also protect your lips by avoiding wind or sun exposure and making use of a humidifier in your home.


Dental cavities or tooth decay is another common oral issue that afflicts a huge number of people. You can get tooth cavities when starches, sugar and plaque combine and are left to stick on your teeth for long periods of time. This mixture forms a great source of food for harmful bacteria, which in turn produces acid that leads to the destruction of the enamel on your teeth. After eroding the enamel, the bacteria then sets upon the tooth causing it to decay and the cavities then follow.

Tooth cavities are very painful and you should pay a visit to a Knoxville family dentist for a lasting solution. Your dentist can deal with small cavities by filling them or by extracting the affected tooth if the cavity or decay is severe. There are instances where the dentist will perform a root canal procedure on your tooth if the decay has made its way to the pulp. The decay is drilled out and a crown is then placed over the tooth.

Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is a common oral issue that is mostly as a result of an accident, decay, sports injury, periodontal disease etc. Missing teeth affect the way you smile and may dent on your self confidence levels. Luckily, you cannot be condemned to live without missing teeth. Modern technology has made it possible to treat missing teeth. You will only need to schedule an appointment with your dentist and get a dental implant in the space where your tooth used to be. If you are missing a number of teeth, you can be fitted with dental bridges.

If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned common oral issues, you should follow the various preventative tips discussed. If you find that the home treatment measure you are taking is not effective, it is recommended that you visit a dentist. Your dentist will offer fast and effective treatment to restore your smile and improve your oral health. Dentists will also provide you with extra tips and advice on oral care to prevent the occurrence of these common dental issues.