The whole concept of vaping on the whole literally seems to be trending across the globe. Even though that might be an exaggeration to a certain extent, there is no way that one can deny the fact that it has taken over the entire generation of today. Even people who have been completely averse to smoking cigarettes in the past have now taken to vaping. Certainly one cannot deny the fact that it is quite literally a style statement for a lot of people out there.

Having said that, for most people who are just starting to vape, things can certainly seem a little overwhelming to digest. This is obvious once you take a good look at the sheer range of options, mods and devices that are available out there. However, in another sense, that is also where the true fun begins since now, you can start looking for the specific kind of vapes that really suit you in particular. Since it has become a style statement, one must ensure that one finds a vape that you are comfortable with as well as establishes who you are as a person.

Be it the need of a herb vaporizer in the UK or even the best cannabis vaporizer in the UK provided to you by VaporizerHut, it always helps to be informed about vapes beforehand. So on that very note, here are the top five vapes to kick-start your vaping journey:-

  • Smok G-Priv: This is one of the main starter kits that most people tend to gravitate towards at first. Being the perfect fusion of advanced technology (a touch-screen functionality) with the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby, it is bound to give you an extremely performance-oriented experience. Not to mention the fact that it has an extremely slick look as well.
  • Smok Mag Kit: Simply put, this is the most ergonomically designed handheld mod out there in the market of today. All you have to do is lock and load and pull that trigger. Plus there is also the fact that it has a large HD colour screen that displays specific data. The entire look of the kit gives a feeling of sheer speed, which is exactly what it is all about.
  • Aegis Box Mod: Being a 100W TC Box mod, this is primarily designed to be extremely reliable and durable at the same time. For those of you who are still wondering what exactly sets it apart from any other mod out there, it actually features a military standard shockproof system.
    This is done primarily to avoid any sort of damage done by accident plus it also boasts of an extremely powerful battery life as well.
  • Smok Alien: This is one of the advanced vape kits that happen to incorporate a number of aspects into one, such as an ultra-performance chipset that consists of a complete temperature regulation plus a TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. Even though the price may be a bit steep, it is most definitely worth it.
  • Tesla: Rest assured of the fact that this is one company that solely dedicates itself to the production of high-end vapes. Not only are they extremely lightweight and convenient to use at any time, but their small size adds to the portability aspect as well.  

All in all, there are a lot more options to choose from than just the list above, but seriously, you can be sure of the fact that these five are the best to start your journey with. After all, you need to do whatever it takes to ensure the fact that you get your hands on the best possible vape out there, even if you are just starting out on your journey.

And most of all, don’t blindly end up choosing certain types of vapes simply because most of your friends are doing the same. Always remember that every single person out there has different tastes and by and large, your vape tastes will end up being different from most of your friends out there. That is just the way it is and this is a fact, even if you are a vaping newbie. So make sure of the fact that you choose a vape that appeals to you.