5 Activities to Cheer You Up When You Feel You Have Just Hit Rock Bottom

Life is not smooth sailing for everyone all the time. There are so many events and circumstances that can pull you down to the deepest of the abyss that is dark and hopeless. Nevertheless, self-pity is no option when it comes to living life. Uplifting oneself at every difficult point and living life to the fullest is what defines a successful life. Seeking happiness every day, every second should be the gift one should give oneself no matter what. So here is a list of small but not so trivial activities that can help in uplifting your spirits and change the course of your day.


Sharing one’s feelings at a vulnerable time like when one is upset is the best way forward. Talking to people who understand you and know what could change your mood into a positive state is a blessing. It not only gives a vent to your feelings but also paves the way for healing. Having a patient hearing can help your emotions in the biggest way possible. Talk to your family and friends, whoever is available at that moment. It can do wonders and cheer you up. This is the time for what family and friends are for.


Who thought food could have a positive effect on one’s mind and emotions. Some foods help in the secretion of the happy hormone serotonin. Use this fact to your advantage and order any food to uplift your mood. Chocolates and ice creams tend to please everyone. The ice cream flavor of your favorite ice cream will certainly push you towards a better state of mind.


Music can be such an amazing diversion from any routine. In distressing times when one’s mind is occupied with all sorts of negative thoughts music can be such a respite. Listen to something with which you have happy memories associated. Find some happy playlist to pep up your mood.


To some people, self-care is just another random chore that is only going to add up to their routine and be a burden. They do not look at it as a time that can rejuvenate them. Self-care is the dedicated time that one should squeeze out from the daily routines, to take care of oneself. Have an appointment at the spa, or just learn to say no to toxic people. The simple things in life one never realize can have such a big impact.


Sleeping after a bad time can hugely relieve the human mind of stress. Stress makes us get entwined into a whirlpool of thoughts and sucks all the positive energy. Whatever makes you feel bad, sleep for some time and see the magic after waking up when so many thoughts must have taken the backseat.

No one has the power to stay afloat mentally all the time. Just giving oneself some time and letting go of the bad, negative feelings can go a long way in tackling such situations.