As a parent, I completely understand how much worry a parent has over their child or children.  No matter how old our children get, we just never stop worrying about them.  When our children reach their adolescence, there are unique struggles that they will certainly encounter, and this creates a whole new sense for worry for us as parents.  One danger that is presented to teenagers is the pressure to get involved with drugs.  Parents handle this reality in a number of ways, but for parents who wish to take the greatest precaution against drug use and abuse, they resort to random drug tests.

If you are a parent who has a teenage child, and you are thinking about using drug tests on them, then you will need to find a good place to buy them, but before you make a purchasing decision, you need to do your homework about the company.  Here are a few things to take into consideration before buying drug tests:

Where Are the Drug Tests Made?

As more and more companies are trying to lower their bottom line and the cost of their goods, they are resorting to overseas manufacturing.  Now, while that may Drug Testingwork fine for some products, I would not recommend buying drug tests from companies that manufacture their tests in the United States.  While buying tests from overseas may still work, because the quality guidelines may differ, it is a risk that I would not personally take.

What Reviews Does the Company Have?

Reviews are vital because they tend to reflect completely honest, unbiased feedback from previous clients.  If a company has been around for even a couple months, they should have reviews of some sort.  Check them out also with the Better Business Bureau.

Are Their Tests FDA Approved?

If the products the company carries have a stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration then this should give you added peace of mind about buying from them.

What is Their Customer Service Like?

Once you decide that you are going to drug test, you will find that there are many drug tests on the market that test in a variety of ways and for a multitude of drugs, so knowing which tests are the right ones can be tricky.  For this reason, you want to make sure that the customer service department is not only available but knowledgeable.  I wish you the best!