A great looking yard doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your free time maintaining it. There are things that you can put into place that will take the labor out of your masterpiece. Here are just a few of the solutions that are worth the effort.

Look to Bulbs

Bulbs and perennial plants are good ways to ensure that your yard looks good without you having to put in new plants each year. The whole point of these types of plants is that they come back each year with little to no effort on your part. Another thing to consider is your climate. Selecting plants that are rated for your zone will help you to achieve a low maintenance yard that still has all of the beauty that you desire. This strategy is more commonly referred to as “going native”. There is always time to do stuff in your yard, including things and a joyful what it is. Using bulbs to create a lovely space is incredibly smart. Make your yard whatever you want it to be.

Invest in Hardscaping

Hardscaping can come in a variety of forms. You may want to put down landscaping rock in places that are difficult for you to maintain or where plants don’t do well. Another option is to use paving stones or stamped concrete to increase your usable outdoor space and limit the amount of effort that’s required to maintain it. Cutting out weeds occasionally is much easier to manage than having to mow, rake, and weed your yard throughout the year. It is a great way to make the edges of your yard more defined, which allows you to soften the look as you go. Spring planting can make your yard look absolutely miraculous.

Replace Grass Areas

You can still get the look of grass without having to expend the energy of keeping it nice. Artificial turf is a good option because it’s a once and done solution. The newer types of turf don’t look as artificial as their older compatriots. This will allow you to have a beautiful yard without having to worry about watering and fertilizing it. No matter the weather conditions in your area, your turf will always look green and managed. Artificial turf may be just the solution you have been looking for. Artificial turf is fake grass that looks like grass but is not grass.

Install an Irrigation System

A sprinkler system and drip irrigation work to reduce your overall yardwork load. This is because you can program your system to get the watering done for you. Appropriately watered plants tend to do better and are more likely to return again in the spring. Even adding in drip irrigation to hanging pots is an option. You can enjoy the beauty of your flowers without having to worry about the task of keeping them going during the heat of the summer months.

A well-managed and maintained yard frees you up to do other things in life. Use these tips so that you can create the perfect balance around your home.