Whether your baby is born or on its way, chances are you have already done the research to make its first years the most wonderful experience. Although the obsession when it comes to baby room design is only a recent pop-culture boom, it is still a very important factor in how your baby will experience the world around itself. After all, it will be the first thing it will see every morning! So take a look at the 4 things you can do in order to prepare a prettier ambient for your child.

Baby room

Sunlight & Natural Lighting

There is no need to have the sun shining directly into the window at all times, but the room ab-solutely needs to be well-lit during the day. Natural lighting is important as it gives your baby a natural sense of time, however make sure you can block out any light should it be necessary. When the sun goes down, baby room lights are a necessity too. These are already tailored for baby’s eyes so have a look around your nearest baby shop and pick the ones that you like most.

Room Colors

There is a popular belief that it all comes down to your baby’s gender when picking the color of the room, and more often than not you will see the room being either baby pink or baby blue. That does not have to be the case, and you should feel free to pick almost any color for your child’s space. Of course, strong and bright hues should be avoided as they can disturb your baby’s sleep, but any soothing color will do.

Room Temperature

It is one of the core basics, but also the one that gets overlooked the most when it comes to de-signing a baby room. The rule is to keep the room temperature somewhere between 16 and 20 degrees C. So make sure that the room is perfectly insulated and stays naturally warm. It will be especially important when your baby finally starts to crawl, as there should be no draft in the room. At that point, the floor temperature will play a huge role too, so getting a few kids rugs should be on your list too.


Moms are usually not too keen on bringing plants into a nursery, and it makes sense why. We tend to associate plants with extra dirt and even strange bugs that will most likely find their way into the crib! Well, that does not have to be the case as there is a great variety of harmless air-cleaning plants that will surely contribute not only to the room aesthetically but also improve your baby’s health. Bamboo Palm or Chinese Evergreen for example are great plants that will do the job and don’t require any special treatment. If you have pets, make sure to read the label properly as you don’t want to pick a toxic one!