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Having a collection can provide a lot of fun as you enjoy looking it over, camaraderie as you meet other people who share your interests, and excitement as you discover new pieces to add to your collection. For all of its benefits, you need to have a way to proudly show off your collection, rather than keeping it packed away in boxes or hidden behind more mundane items. After all, a collection is most worthwhile when it can be appreciated and enjoyed both by yourself and in the presence of others. Here are a few ways to ensure your collection always looks its best.

Customize the Display to Match the Collection

As you consider how to display your collection, you’ll find a variety of options from a multitude of manufacturers. While standard wooden shelves are nice, and certainly provide an easy way to see the different items in your collection, they also don’t add very much to the collection. In other words, the entire value is in the collection itself, not in its display.

What if you could customize a space that is themed to the focus of your collection that would create an entire atmosphere for people to enjoy? For example, if you enjoy collecting soda memorabilia, why not display it in a custom-made recreation of a 50’s-era soda fountain? By enhancing your collection in this way, you’ll find that you’ll give your collectibles new life and create a new enjoyment for all who view them.

Light It Up

If you’re a serious collector, you know that what sets your collection apart is the small details of the individual pieces. If you can’t see these details to appreciate and understand them, however, it’s hard to explain to others why they’re so important. That’s why it’s crucial to have custom lighting installed so that each piece in your collection shows off every last one of its beautiful details; reach out to a trained professional, like Degree C Pty Ltd, to discuss options. Not to mention, a bright space becomes a more warm and inviting space, leading naturally to showing your collection off to a greater number of people.

Reinforce It

No matter what types of collectibles you’re planning on displaying, it’s important to have a display space that is strong enough to support them. The last thing you want is for a shelf (or ten) to suddenly come crashing down, totally destroying all your precious collectibles. If you mount shelves on the wall, make sure they go into studs rather than into drywall.

If you use pre-fabricated bookshelves, don’t exceed the weight limit for each shelf, and if you notice the shelf starting to bow in the middle, move weight off of it immediately. Also, if you have collectibles that are especially heavy and you are located on an upper floor, ensure that the floor joists are strong enough to support the extra weight of your large collection.

Keep It Comfortable

Especially if your collection includes older antiques, you need to pay careful attention to the atmospheric conditions in the space where your collection is so you can ensure the antiques will be correctly preserved. That means keeping the space at a constant temperature, avoiding harsh sunlight and artificial light, and keeping the humidity at a constant level. If you have especially valuable items, consider utilizing a museum-quality case that allows you to control these factors automatically.

Enjoy It

As much fun as it is to show your collection off to others, you will ultimately be the person who sees your collection most often. Therefore, it’s important to create a nice look that you truly enjoy, and not worry so much about what other people will think. After all, it’s your passion that has allowed you to assemble your impressive collection, so you should be the one who gets to enjoy it, even if no one else does.