Image Credit: Pixabay

If your family has been asking you to build them a treehouse, it can be a daunting task to begin such an endeavor. Finding wood, finding the right tree, and making it safe can all be difficult things to figure out when you’re building one for the first time. However, with a little help and these four steps, you can make the best possible treehouse possible for your family.

Ensure Stability

One of the most important aspects of a successful treehouse construction project is to attain stability. It can be challenging to properly balance and support such a large structure that’s built within such an asymmetrical medium, but it can be done. Keep in mind that building your treehouse close to the trunk of the tree will provide optimal support.

Be sure that sections of your treehouse also rest upon large, thick branches to provide support to portions of the structure that are too distant from the trunk to be offered its support. While a treehouse can seem like a daunting adventure in construction, there are many guides and tips available to you online to help you make the best treehouse for your family.

Prepare the Tree

A treehouse cannot be a treehouse without being constructed in a tree. So, if you find yourself with a tree in your backyard that’s large enough to hold a treehouse but find that the branches are less than amicable, consider giving the tree a trimming.

While you may personally own the correct tools and equipment necessary for trimming branches off of a large tree, you may want to consider hiring a professional tree service company, like GDE Tree Services. A professional tree service company could not only trim the tree to your specifications in an efficient manner, they’ll also remove the trimmed branches from your yard and take them to a proper composting plant.

Build the Treehouse in Sections

You may find it difficult to build the treehouse from scratch while standing on the base floor you’ve constructed within the tree. To help make the construction process easier on yourself, opt to build sections of the treehouse on the ground. This will provide you with unlimited workspace and a level surface on which to build. Once the sections have been constructed, use ropes and pulleys to hoist the sections from the ground onto the treehouse base.

Provide Multiple Entrance Options

Your children will not be the only ones to enjoy the treehouse you built. They will undoubtedly bring friends and neighbors over to play in it. For this reason, it would benefit your family if you install multiple ways to enter the treehouse. While a ladder made of wood is the most common method, you could also build a secure set of wooden stairs, install a climbing rope, or even build a sturdy bridge from the second floor of your home to the treehouse.

Once the treehouse is complete, don’t forget to weatherproof the outside with water sealant. Depending on what you used to build the roof, it might also require certain weatherization applications to prevent rotting and leaking.