Getting into a rut can happen to even the best of us. Your creative juices have stopped flowing and you find yourself looking at a blank page with no idea what to put down. Other times, your business may be lacking growth and needs a boost injected into it. While some people recommend brainstorming harder, sometimes it can help to take a break and walk away from the problem. Getting frustrated and sleep-deprived over the lack of inspiration will only get you further stuck. Included here are a few ways you can find inspiration and get out of your rut.

Get Into Nature

There is a reason those motivational posters portray bald eagles soaring and vast mountain peaks, nature is inspiring! Feeling like there is a huge world outside of yourself can help give you perspective and relief from the pressure you apply to yourself. Go for a hike in a natural area, or do yoga and meditate somewhere you find peace. The main thing is to get out into the wild and away from everything that is contributing to your feeling of stagnancy.

Go People Watch

Sometimes the best perspective can come from realizing you are not alone. In this world full of people, there is so much diversity and love that you are likely to find someone to relate to outside of your home. Go to the mall and watch people, see how others interact, maybe you will notice patterns, or just gain reassurance.

Do Something New

It is not unheard of for epiphanies to occur in individuals who have gone way outside their comfort zone. Putting your body in a jittery state of unknown can shake something loose and get the ideas flowing again. So go introduce yourself to a stranger or go skinny-dipping, anything that gets your heart pounding and nerves jumping.

Watch Inspiring Videos

You may believe those inspiring videos are not for you, but there is a reason so many people find them appealing. Often what triggers that emotion is that you see someone doing something that you want to do! This makes you excited and can make you feel more creative. Consider watching a TED talk or other online video to find inspiration.

If you feel that people talking about success and inspiration just drives you further into your rut, go a different way about it. With all of the television shows out there and internet videos about success and marketing that you can watch for free, you should be able to find someone who is doing what you want and making it well in the business world.

Find someone living sustainably, or making millions, or even flipping homes in a small town. Watch them out there living it and you are sure to be inspired by their successes. In the end, the key is to make your own destiny and not wallow in your failures. No one has ever gotten it perfectly the first time, so don’t give up and keep on trying.