The question of rather you should stay in your home or move out during a full-home-renovation project is one of that each homeowner needs to make before the work begins. Even those people who choose to stay in place will need to think about moving out at times because of the fumes and dust. If you are fixing to completely remodel your house, here are some ideas you will want to consider.

Think About Water and Electricity

If you are paying a contractor to put in a new bathroom or two along with redesigning your kitchen, then the water and electricity may need to be off for several days. While it is possible to use a toaster oven, microwave and hot plate to prepare reasonable meals or go out to eat, the lack of water means that you will have to go somewhere else to take a shower. Additionally, it may mean a trip to a convenience store every time someone needs to go to the bathroom. This is very unworkable for many families, so they may need to pack up and head elsewhere while the work is being done.

Contemplate Cleanliness

While there are some things that contractors can do to help eliminate dust and dirt in the rest of your home such as running an air filtration system, there is still going to be more than usual. If you are very picky about the level of cleanliness in your home, then you may want to move out at least until the new sheetrock is in place. Constantly vacuuming, dusting and trying to keep the dust off your clean clothes may be more than you can handle. If you decide to stay, make sure to talk to your contractor about putting temporary dividing walls in place.

Ponder Noise Levels

There are some construction projects that cannot be done quietly like sawing, jackhammering and removing old walls, floors and tile. If noise levels disturb you, then you are probably better leaving your home for a few days. While this may seem like an expensive proposition, consider that many contractors charge extra if you decide to stay in your home. They consider it a fee for having to put up with you wanting to ask them questions. Keep in mind that if you have babies or young children that still take naps, then the noises may bother them even if they do not bother you. Getting everyone out of a routine may make tempers flare when leaving on a staycation may be lots of fun.

Consider Your Pets

Christina El Moussa with Success Path encourages you to think of the comfort level of your pets during home construction projects as well. The disruption to their lives may be more than they can handle causing them not to eat, go to the bathroom on the floor or change their personalities. You also need to think how you plan to keep them from escaping while the contractors are working on your whole-house remodel. They may need to go to another place to live for a few days until the work is completed. Chances are that they will be more comfortable where you are, but you can always put them in a kennel.

The level of inconvenience with a renovation project is definitely something you will want to ponder before signing up to get the work completed. Some find that it is a minor inconvenience to stay in their homes while others will want to go camp out with friends and family, stay in a hotel or rent an Airbnb property. Even if you stay for part of the time, think about rather you should leave for part of it.