In this cut-throat competition of today’s world, retailers are leaving no stones unturned to attract more customers by offering them more benefits, great discounts, superior customer service and a lot more. This is something that they have to maintain throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

Retail stores have witnessed maximum sales and more money pouring in during the holidays. In their quest to be on top of the game many retailers put on display the special offering much earlier than the holiday season even begins in order to earn more during the holidays.

But according to the experts it is not just during the holidays, but you need to build a strong relationship with your customers throughout the year. The retailers are always jockeying in to create a niche in the mind of the customers, so that they think, that this is the one store that hosts everything that they have wanted earlier. This way, when the holiday season breaks in, they will obviously return to your outlet time and again.

If you are offering something to your customer all year round then you are training the minds of the customers to come back to you during the hard-core competitive times of the holidays as well. But still, here are some additional tips that will help you to make a mark and stand out even during the holidays.

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  • Make a Mark through Great Customer Service – Make the extra efforts for your customers by offering valuable service to them. This can include going out of the way for them like shopping for them or providing them with great discounts for their old and used clothes and utensils.
  • Make the Customers Feel like VIPs – You can go ahead and make your business stand out by treating the customers extraordinarily and hosting special events. There are many retail outlets that actually pamper their shoppers, especially, during and prior to the holiday season. They serve tea, coffee, cookies or cold drink to the tired customers to refresh them. Not only that, some of them even hire a masseuse to offer foot massages to those visiting the store. This obviously makes them feel special.
  • Provide a Sale That Becomes the Talk of the Town – Retails that offer all-year discounts have already gained popularity. Try giving the shoppers the freedom to choose the things for which they want fifty percent off during sales. This way many retail outlets have been able to attract more customers and achieved success in the past.
  • Involve a Local Charity – Include a local non-profit-organisation and help them. This way you will be involved in a good cause and the word will spread that you care. The charity itself will make an attempt for publicising the event. For example, you can arrange something where the kids get to dress up like their favourite animated character and then take a photograph. You will charging for the photograph and a part of it will be sent to a local charity for helping and educating the poor local kids. This way you make a cross promotion and you get brownie points for doing something for the children who really need the help.

The above are some of the ways in which your retail business can create their own niche during the holiday season. The established and successful retail outlets like Super 99 follow these and that is how they have been attracting more and more customers year after year.