Nights out with friends and family provide a great opportunity to cut loose and relax. Freed from the stress of work and everyday life, an evening of fun and games allows you to truly be yourself. Between stories, laughs, and lots of smiles, these nights are often memorable and never dull. If you enjoy having a couple drinks on these special occasions, you’re far from alone. Sometimes, a cool glass of something tasty makes the night even more special. While lots of folks have a standard drink they return to again and again, you can liven up your social life by trying something new. Here are four fun and delicious drinks that you could try on your next big night out.

Alcoholic Spirits

While lots of people think “liquor” and “spirits” mean the same thing, “spirit” actually refers to a specific category of liquor. Some companies, such as Real McCoy Spirits, know that for a drink to be considered a spirit, it must have an alcohol content of at least 20% and contain no added sugar. Alcoholic products that contain added sugar are considered “liqueurs,” putting them into their own category. Drunk alone, spirits can prove a stiff, sturdy, and tasty option. Alternatively, you could mix spirits with additional ingredients to make a delicious drink like those mentioned below.


Something about this popular drink puts us all in the mood to party. Consisting of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime, margaritas are a refreshing option for hot summer nights. They’re typically served with plenty of ice and with a layer of salt spread along the rim of the glass. Margaritas are great fruity party drinks, and they can pair with lots of different kinds of foods. Many times, lots of people pair them with Mexican or Latino food. These can taste like a symphony together.


Consider this heavier option if you want a rich, creamy cocktail that doubles as a dessert. The mix of Bailey’s Irish Cream with the coffee liqueur gives the drink a deep, homey taste, while the vodka provides it with a kick. Mudslides can be incredibly tasty, but just remember to not drink them all night long. You can have a monster hangover if you drink too many of these babies. Be wise, and always drink responsibly.

White Russians

If you like the sound of a mudslide but crave something creamier, then a white Russian might be perfect for you. The vodka and coffee liqueur give it life, while the cream, milk, or half and half make it a unique sort of cocktail. When you’re done with a white Russian, you’ll be left with the pleasant notion that you’ve had breakfast and a cocktail at the same time. White Russians are one of the tastiest of dessert liqueurs, they are loved by many people the world over. And what is great is that you do not have to be Russian to drink one.

A get together with friends is a great time to have a delicious drink, like one of the tasty options mentioned above. Drink responsibly, and enjoy the cocktails.