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If a conventional job isn’t for you, there are many unique career options that will allow you to do something exciting while earning an excellent living. When you choose one of these careers, you’ll likely look forward to going to work each day while also making a positive contribution to society. Any of these four unique careers may be good to consider for your future.

Zoo Veterinarian

If you want to work with a wider variety of animals than you would as a standard veterinarian, becoming a zoo veterinarian can be a great career choice. As a zoo veterinarian, you might get the opportunity to treat elephants, tigers and other exotic creatures that are housed in zoos for a variety of conditions. You’ll be treating animals for common illnesses that affect their particular species along with different types of injuries. To do the best job in this career, Chegg CareerMatch explains that you’ll want to learn about the diets, habits and other unique characteristics of each animal that you treat so that you can provide the right type of care.

To work as a zoo veterinarian, you’ll need to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an accredited school. Before studying for this degree, you’ll need to complete undergraduate courses in biology, animal science and zoology along with other pertinent subjects. Earning a bachelor’s degree can put you ahead in this field, but it isn’t always required.

Bounty Hunter

This career may be right for you if you enjoy taking risks and want to help make society safer. Bounty hunters are in the business of locating people who have been released from jail on bail and not shown up for their court dates. You’ll be hired by bail bond agencies to track down these suspects and bring them to justice so that the bail money that was posted on their behalf can be returned to the bail agencies. To catch these bail jumpers, you’ll likely have to use special microphones, night vision binoculars, and other high-tech spy gear while staking out their locations.

There aren’t any stringent education requirements to become a bounty hunter, but getting formal training in criminal justice and private investigation will be to your advantage. Many states also require a clean criminal record to enter this field.

Private Pilot

Working as a private pilot will give you the chance to fly high in the sky while taking important clients to their destinations. You may be asked to fly larger or smaller airplanes for private clients, but you generally won’t have to transport as many passengers as you would working as a commercial pilot. Even celebrities could hire you to fly them to concerts, speaking engagements or other public appearances. This can be an especially great career if you want something with flexible hours, great pay, and you have a passion for flying.

To get started, you’ll want to look into getting a private pilot license in San Diego CA or your particular locale. To become licensed, you’ll need to pass a verbal exam along with a flight test to demonstrate your skills and prove to the instructor that you know how to fly safely. Earning your private pilot license also comes with the benefits of having easy access to the sky. Going out on an adventure will be that much easier with the ability to fly yourself anywhere.


As a historian, you’ll be researching historical events and notable figures that have helped influence modern times. Historians spend a lot of time looking over old books, documents, photographs and other relics from the past to gain a better understanding of history. You may be hired to give public speeches about your findings or even contribute information to historical book writers or movie producers to ensure historical accuracy. Historical societies often hire historians to contribute to their efforts. You can also use your knowledge to write books and reports that could earn you an excellent income. Historians often specialize in particular time periods in history so that they can become experts in these areas.

A Master of Historical Research or a similar degree in history will generally be needed to be successful in this career, but some museums and historical societies are willing to hire historians who’ve received bachelor’s degrees in entry-level positions. Some historians have also earned PhDs to further establish themselves as experts in their field.

Any of these unique careers can add more excitement and enjoyment to your working years. You can break free of the run-of-the-mill job by pursuing one of these career paths.