Moving is stressful, and it can be as hard on your children as it is on you, albeit in different ways. It can be tricky to parent your child’s needs and get packing at the same time. Reducing your child’s stress will naturally reduce your own, so here are a few tips and tricks to keep everyone happy during your move.

The Kid Box

Grab a box or two that you will pack last and unpack first. Make these boxes your special kid boxes. In them, pack a few favorite toys, some extra play clothes and a handful of your kids’ favorite snacks. These boxes should be reserved for things your kids will want or need right up until the minute you move. On moving day, keep these boxes in a special place so you can find them and their contents quickly at the new house. If you make the mistake of packing a favorite toy or beloved stuffy too soon, your kids will be miserable and you will pay the price.

Keep Your Routines

Kids need a routine to feel secure and safe, and nothing can disrupt routine more than a move. Do your best to stick to your normal routine as you prepare to move. Keep having family dinners at the same time, having game night and doing other things as you normally would. Sticking to your normal schedule can be hard to do when you need to find time for packing, but it’s well worth the effort to help keep your kids calmer and happier. Get back into your routines as soon as possible at the new house.

Sort Alone

Moving is a great time to get rid of clutter, but do so cautiously. You may not think your child’s crumbling macaroni art from three years ago needs to make the move, but there will be fallout if she finds it in the trash can. Try to sort through your children’s treasures when they are asleep or at school and get rid of the evidence. You should let your child have a vote on certain toys and possessions, of course, but be careful getting rid of things that you know you want gone.

Hire a Mover

Lugging boxes takes a lot of time and energy. The task becomes more difficult when you have to keep a watchful eye on your children as you do it. If you let movers such as Bekins Van Lines Inc do the heavy lifting, you can focus on the kids. Even if you have someone else watch your children while you move, movers will get your truck loaded and unloaded as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can start unpacking and putting your life back together. Consider starting in your children’s rooms so they can feel more comfortable more quickly.

Moving with young children is a challenge but it’s one you can overcome. Talk to them so they are prepared, listen to their concerns and maintain as much normalcy in their lives as possible. These things will all help you set yourself up for a smooth move.