4 Tips for Online Dating: How to Flirt Virtually

In the modern era, it’s extremely challenging to meet a potential romantic interest as people go about their day-to-day lives. This is partly why online dating has become so popular. It makes dating more convenient by helping people refine their searches for the types of partners they want to meet. The problem is that communicating in the digital world takes the personal touch away, forcing most people to look for new ways to flirt with someone that interests them.

Discuss Their Interests

At the beginning of any relationship, flirting should be subtle or casual, and this is especially true for online romances. You can start out simply by reading the other person’s dating profile to find out what interests them. You should look for interests that you both share or topics that you know something about. If you’re unfamiliar with most of their interests, you can pick something to research. A little light Googling will give you some basic information. Your goal is to find something that you can discuss with the other person that you know will interest them. You can show them that you are interested in them by making a point to learn about the things that are important to them. In return, they will likely take a deeper interest in the interests that you have listed on your profile.

Know How to Comment on Their Pictures

There are a few things to note when it comes to viewing the pictures a romantic interest has on their profile. While it may seem romantic or flirty to like all of their pictures, resist that temptation. In most cases, the other person is going to see that as being creepy or overly obsessive. Liking a few recent pictures is fine, but try not to go overboard with it. You can use your comments on pictures to flirt with your love interest, but try to develop a unique style. Everyone is going to tell them how beautiful or handsome they look and, after a while, those types of remarks just seem disingenuous. Instead, look for something in the picture that strikes your attention, such as a flowerbed in the background or the band T-shirt the subject is wearing. Remarking on these features will help open the door for more meaningful conversations.

Take Texting to the Next Level

Eventually, you’ll take your conversations off of the dating platform, and you’ll start texting each other directly. By this time, you should be more familiar with each other’s personalities, but you should still resist the urge to read too much into things. For example, if you don’t get a response right away, don’t assume you offended them or made them angry. They may just be busy. Instead of overdoing it with several follow-up texts, give them time to respond. When you are texting back and forth, flirting can still be difficult in a written format. There are plenty of resources that can help you learn how to turn a guy on over text if you look for them. Don’t be afraid to use descriptive words. You can also use a variety of emojis to let the other person know when you’re joking, being flirty, or happy. Your use of emojis can add character to your texts to ensure they won’t be misunderstood.

Be Open to a Difference of Opinions

The greatest advantage of online dating is that it allows you to meet people who share your interests, views, and beliefs. Even when you meet someone who seems to exactly match you in every way, you should still expect there to be some difference of opinion between you. This doesn’t mean you’re incompatible, and it can help keep your relationship interesting. When you find an opinion or interest that you dislike, talk to your romantic interest about it. You’ll learn more about each other, and you can even use your opposing views to engage in friendly debates. This offers an opportunity to flirt and tease one another without having to see eye to eye. A difference of opinion doesn’t have to lead to hostility if you remain open with one another.

Flirting online and via text messages can be tricky, and you will make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes. As long as you’re continuing to make the effort to meet others, you will eventually find that one person who adds a spark to your life.