It’s no secret that running a bar isn’t an easy task. When people are influenced by alcohol they can become a nuisance, sometimes starting fights within your establishment. Things can become broken due to situations like these, and the clear up is often messy and frustrating. Here are 4 things your bar is missing out on that could make yours and your staff’s lives easier.

No swearing rule

First and foremost, there’s nothing worse than going out for a drink with your friends and family and having to listen to inconsiderate people that are loud and use bad language. While bars are usually loud places, make sure that your customers refrain from swearing, otherwise they will be asked to leave. Be sure to put signs up behind and infront of the bar so that it can be clearly seen by all.

Doing this will make your job much nicer when serving customers and reduce the amount of complaints you get from people who don’t like to hear foul language.

Urinal mats

The men’s bathroom is often a place that’s not a very nice room to be in for anyone, yet alone have to clean it after the bar closes. Urinals are convenient for men to use, but if customers have had a few drinks there’s a chance that someone may miss the bowl a little bit. You can a get super absorbent urinal mat for each of your urinals which will eliminate smell, slipperiness and will look much nicer than a wet puddle underneath the urinal. Doing this will also make the cleaning of the men’s bathroom much easier for you and your staff.

Easy clean surfaces and flooring

Glasses are easily broken, and if your customer’s drink has condensation on the outside there’s a chance that it could slip out of their hands and onto your bar or floor. Make sure that you’ve got easily cleanable surfaces and floors so that if any drinks are spilled they can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. While carpets would absorb the liquid, they might end up smelling and become stained. Hardwood flooring and marble counters will be easy and quick to clean, so consider replacing wood and carpets for these to make your life easier!


No matter if your bar is large or small, it’s always worth having as much security as possible. Consider hiring bouncers to man the doors and deal with anyone that’s too drunk and rowdy. Install security cameras so that you can protect yourself and anyone visiting the pub. Having security cameras will also help if you need to claim for any damages on your insurance because you can prove it was an accident or malicious attack from someone else.

Consider adding these four things to your bar and see how much easier it makes yours and your staff’s jobs. You should be able to run your bar how you please, so enforce that with your staff and your customers!