Being rich has its perks, and wealthy individuals often have greater privileges than the average person. However, there are some things that wealthy people have that you might also be able to have for yourself. Here are four things you thought only rich people have but you can have too.

Designer Clothing

Gucci, Versace, Armani and other prestigious brand-name clothing is often worn by members of the upper class. You can get many of these clothing pieces for yourself for much less if you know where to look. If you live in Oregon, New Hampshire or one of a handful of other states that don’t charge sales tax, you can get your clothing at a lower price. Some designers have outlet stores that sell clearance items for less. You might also find a great deal on an online auction website. If you go through the clothing racks at your local thrift store, you may find some designer pieces that are still in excellent condition and offered at unbelievably low prices.

A Boat

Almost every rich person you can think of probably has a private boat, and you can have yours too by tapping the right resources. You can’t expect to have a luxury yacht for a cheap price, but you can probably find a nice motorboat that fits within your budget. Some aluminum and fiberglass boats can be purchased for less than $15,000 and provide all the power that’s needed to travel many places within a particular area by water. Pocket cruisers that come with motors and sails for optional sailing can sometimes be found at surprisingly low prices. Great bargains can also be found on many smaller pontoon boats. Whatever option you choose, you can secure a loan from Southeast Financial or another creditor in your area to make paying for your boat easier on your budget.

Gourmet Food

If you have a sophisticated palate, you can enjoy dining on gourmet food without having to break the bank. Some gourmet food delivery services offer great prices on their edibles. There are also some local supermarkets that probably have gourmet food items that aren’t much more expensive than your average groceries. You may be able to find some less-expensive gourmet food items at discount grocery stores. Sushi, a food that is often considered to be for the sophisticated, can easily be prepared at home with a few cheap ingredients.

First-Class Air Travel

Walking past the first-class section as you make your way back to your seat in coach can be a depressing experience. If you want to join the elite travelers and sit in first-class, there are some simple ways to get upgraded. Joining a frequent flier program can help you earn air miles reward points that you can use for first-class travel. If you’re going to try to ask an agent at the airport for a free upgrade, suggests that you dress nicely, be polite and arrive with enough time for the airline to rearrange the seating. Volunteering to give up your seat on an overbooked flight is another possible way to get a first-class upgrade. Some travel agents might also be able to find you a good deal on a first-class ticket.

Having access to some of the finer things in life is possible with a little ingenuity and determination. If you want to enjoy some of the perks of the wealthy, there should be nothing stopping you from trying to achieve your goal.