I haven’t been blessed with long, luxurious, flowing, model like hair. Or fun naturally curly hair.

Instead, I’ve been blessed with a rather large head, with enough hair to basically cover the surface.

For the ladies, you have so many options available for your hair that the possibilities are essentially endless.

We’re talking about straight, braided, pixie cut, extensions, curls, buns. It’s amazing what you can do to your hair.

But when it comes to getting those perfect curls, look at these tips before you curl!

Don’t Over Condition

This step is very important if you want your hair to hold your curls longer.

There are many different types of hair. Simply I mean the hair type. Fine, frizzy, thick, that sort of thing.

Each type of hair has different cuticle layers. The cuticle layer is the protective layer over the inner cortex of your hair root. It’s structure, depending of the type of hair, can be rigid, compact, and tight.

This structure of the cuticle plays a major role in the effectiveness of how well you can curl your hair.

That is why the use of conditioner should be reduced or even eliminated.

Conditioner compacts and smooths the cuticle layer, making it difficult to curl or hold the curls. Therefore, sometimes your curls lose their curl quick.

It’s advised to lessen your conditioning before you curl. Or if you must use that same level of conditioner, try waiting until the second day to curl your hair.

This will give your hair a chance to get “dirtier” or the cuticle to loosen enough to be more effective at holding a curl.

Use of Product

Even before you blow dry, think about adding product to your hair to hold a style better.

YouTube hair guru Kayley Melissa, suggests adding a product like mousse to your hair, for better hold.

Mousse is an aerated foam, much like hair spray or gel. It’s easy to use, and a little bit simpler to distribute throughout your hair. Big Sexy Hair is an example Kayley uses in her tutorial, if you have flatter, finer hair.

The mousse will still be in your hair after you blow dry so by the time you start the curling process, it will give you more strength in those curls.

She also recommends if you have more stubborn, resistant hair, to use a small bit of gel instead. The gel being a bit stronger on difficult to manage hair.

If you’re looking for a lighter hold, try using a hair spray instead.

Heat Protectant

Listen up ladies, this is going to save your hair! (If you didn’t already know.)

The importance of using a heat protectant, like Heat Tamer Spray by TRESemme, will save your hair from the damaging heat.

The heat from blow dryers and curling irons can easily damage your hair, specifically the cuticle.

If the cuticle gets damaged it will give your hair a dry, rough, unhealthy appearance.

To avoid this, you should always use a heat protectant whenever you apply heat to your hair.

The product will absorb most of the damage caused by the extreme heat.

Good Hot Hair Tools

Everyone knows the importance of having good tools to get the job done.

Even in hair styling, the tools you use must be up to par, or you might as well not even bother.

Make sure you do your homework when selecting the right curling iron for you.

You don’t want “I like your hair”, no, you want compliments like “That’s Foxy!”

The tools you use have the power to give you that fine looking style that gets those types of compliments and glaring stares.

Depending on how long or short your hair is, and how long or short you’re looking to make your curls, the size of the barrel should be taken into consideration.

Remember the dangers of temperature on your hair. Make sure to adjust the temperature to a relatively lower temperature.

You should never exceed 390 degrees. This is the temperature that your hair protectant no longer becomes useful or effective.

In short, the world of hair care, as you know, is a very serious game.

Tomorrow is always a new day and a new opportunity to incorporate new styles.

So, whenever you come back to curling as your choice of the day, remember to keep this tips close by for those killer results.