Telemarketing has always been deemed as one of the most effective tactics to increase the sales of products and services. With time, however, securing desired sales results via telemarketing has become an arduous task. The main reason behind that is most of the prospects don’t pick calls that come from unknown numbers. Owing to poor contact rate, telemarketing campaigns often get failed.

In order to skip the hassle of poor answer rate, business owners generally bag outbound telemarketing services of reputed vendors. In order to live up to clients’ expectations, specialised service providers make certain that their telemarketers get quality training so that no problem could take place during the interaction with potential customers.

Even after getting top-notch training, telemarketers sometimes fail to convince potential customers to buy products and services. Why? The primary reason behind this is some mistakes that telemarketers do unintentionally. Such mistakes are giving vague introductions, waffling, etc.

Today, we are going to explain major telemarketing blunders that affect sales results very badly. So, take a gander at the below-given pointers:

One-way communication

As far as telemarketing is concerned, sales results depend on one factor, and that is how good you are in conveying a message to prospects. This factor is worthy to get attention because if potential customers don’t understand what you are trying to sell, they aren’t going to take the purchase decision.

Generally, telemarketers don’t let prospects speak during the interaction owing to the intention to explain the benefits of products in one go. This always results in call hang-ups, which consequently, makes a negative impact on the sales conversion rate.

Therefore, it is imperative for telemarketers to understand that one-way communication never brings the desired results to the table as two-way conversion does. In short, potential customers should be involved in the conversation for the sake of better sales results.

Here are some suggestions that could help to have a meaningful dialogue with prospects:

  • First of all, request potential customers for time so that the call can last for a long duration.
  • Ask relevant questions so that prospects show interest during the interaction.
  • Respect prospects’ asked questions and give reliable answers to them.
  • Always explain the major benefits of products so that customers don’t get bored while staying on the call.

Disclosing price too early

Do you know why business owners avail incomparable outbound telemarketing services from reputed vendors? “To maximise the profit levels.” Specialised service providers like outbound call centres, BPO firms, etc. always have a better idea about their clients’ expectations, and that’s why they tell their telemarketers to convince maximum prospects in a day.

But the silly blunder that junior telemarketers usually commit is disclosing the price of products after a few minutes of interaction with potential customers. As a negative consequence of this, prospects put the phone down.

Thus, it is vitally important for telemarketers to never reveal the price of products or services until and unless potential customers are ready to buy.

Using telemarketing scripts like a machine

To make telemarketing campaign successful, outbound call centres provide scripts to their telesales agents. The prominence of telemarketing scripts cannot be neglected because they prevent silly blunders and ensure smooth conversation with potential customers.

However, telemarketing scripts can bring adverse results if they get used carelessly. The most cited disadvantage of scripts is that they make telemarketers sound robotic during the interaction, which consequently, ruins the effectiveness of the conversation and makes potential customers disconnect the call.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to telemarketers to use scripts only when intricate questions get asked as that’s the best way to make prospects experience the personal touch.

High speech rate

To make outbound telemarketing services more preferable, BPO firms instruct agents to make maximum calls in a day so that the sales conversion rate could be elevated. From the business’s point of view, it seems absolutely fine, but sometimes this affects the sales results very badly.

How? Well, telemarketers usually increase their speech rate in order to amplify the dialling rate, because of this, they fail to communicate with potential customers properly. Hence, this results in call hang-ups, which as a negative consequence, affects the overall sales of products.

That’s why it is paramount for telemarketers to understand that making a myriad of calls cannot help to reap the benefits because the factor that makes the difference is how well you make potential customers understand the benefits of products and services.

Apart from that, it is significant for outbound call centres to provide top-notch speech training to telemarketers as that’s the only way to make the telesales campaign successful.