In the recent years, there has been the talk of various exercises that both men and women alike can make use of to help improve their sexual capability as well as the health of their privates. One of the most commonly mentioned exercises has been Kegel Exercises. This is an exercise that has been seen to be synonymous more with women as opposed to men. A lot of women desire to tighten their vaginas, mainly after child birth so as to ensure that they get to regain the tightness that they once felt down there and so that they can satisfy their partners to the best of their abilities. In men, the use of Kegel Exercises has not been as mainstream as it is in women but with increased health challenges, men are starting to get the gist of the exercises. If you are a man and reading this, below are some of the pertinent reasons as to why you should try out this exercise.

Increased bladder control

It is no secret that a lot of men leak urine from their penises after a bathroom break. This is the reason men are advised to stay in the urinal at least 10 seconds after the flow of urine has stopped to ensure that the last drops that leak out go out as opposed to in one’s undergarments making them smell of urine. Men past the age of 35 have their bladders weakened over time. Doing kegel exercises results in a stronger bladder whose muscles are strong and thus no urine leaks out. Stronger bladder muscles even ensure one a good night’s rest as one need not wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break.


Control of ejaculate

A lot of men struggle with premature ejaculation and dare not share the challenge with anyone, lest they are seen as lesser men. Very few men would even admit that they suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction, however, mild it may be. Kegel exercises are a great way to control premature ejaculation as they work by strengthening the pubococcygeous muscles that are found at the base of the pelvis and which control ejaculation. Continued practice of Kegel exercises helps one in having increased control in sex such that they choose when to orgasm. When the pubococcygeouys muscles are squeezed, the urge to climax tends to be inhibited, ensuring that one satisfies their partner fully.

Improved strength and size of erections

Any muscle in the body when regularly and adequately exercised results in some form of an increase in mass or even size of the muscle. Performing Kegel exercises right results in an increased blood flow into the penis. This directly translates to a harder and bigger erection, meaning that you get to satisfy her needs well. Consequently, kegel exercises help one to keep erections longer than before as one has more control over their erections.

Intensity of orgasm increases

Some men have reported that the force with which they orgasm increases. This may not serve any specific purpose, but it’s a good thing all the same. A lot of men have reported that their orgasms increase as a result of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This is a great thing as some people only dream of having mind blowing orgasms. For men who have the ability to control their ejaculate flow, they find themselves getting multiple orgasms which are quite intense. To get the best or pelvic floor exercises, coupling the exercise with top male enhancement pills which is naturally based is recommended.

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