If you’re remodeling your home, doors should be at the top of your list. Although they’re often overlooked as an interior or exterior design element, doors are an easy and affordable way to add extra pizazz. Choosing the right type of door for each space is also important to your home’s functionality. Read on to discover four styles of doors you should consider for your remodel.

French Doors

A classic style defined by double doors and windowpanes, French doors are an elegant addition to both interior and exterior spaces. Use a set of French doors to separate an office or den without blocking the view or add them to your pantry so you can see what’s inside. French doors also make perfect exterior doors, especially as an entrance to a patio or porch. They can be a great way to add in natural light to the interior of your home.

Sliding Pocket Doors

If you’re looking for replacement doors for tight spots like closets and bathrooms, space-saving sliding pocket doors fit the bill. This style of door slides right into the wall so it’s there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. A sliding pocket door saves both space and your walls while adding modern, simplistic flare to your interior design. Sliding pocket doors are available in a variety of designs from simple to stylish.

Bi-Fold Doors

Do you want a space-saving option without the complicated installation of sliding pocket doors? Take a look at bi-fold doors. These doors consist of thin vertical panels that fold into each other like an accordion. Traditionally used for laundry rooms and closets, bamboo bi-fold doors that resemble Japanese folding screens are a contemporary trend that adds a touch of Zen to any room. Bi-fold doors also offer a cozier, more inviting look compared to the sleek minimalism of sliding pocket doors. However they can also take up more space. What you choose might depend on how much space you to have for decorative elements.

Dutch Doors

If you’re looking for something functional and unique, why not go Dutch? A fun and useful feature for any home, Dutch doors are divided horizontally so the top and bottom halves can be opened independently. Open the top panel to create a breeze without letting the wildlife in or open only the bottom so Fido or Fluffy can go in and out. Dutch doors are especially charming on farmhouses. They can even be useful in interiors if you need to easily pass things from one room to another.

Are you stretching your remodel budget to its limits? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality, stylish doors. Look for cheaper materials like aluminum and vinyl over expensive hardwood. More affordable doors are often just as sturdy and attractive as their luxury counterparts. As you shop for both quality and economical doors consider what the needs of your remodel are. The above suggestions will help you find out what you need from your remodel and how to make your home your own.