While teenagers aren’t usually interested in such things, there are some companies they get excited about. You can find a list of 4 of their favorites below. Using these companies is a great way to get them interested in investing.

You won’t find any ETFs or mutual funds on the list however. These things don’t excite teens the way the stocks on this list do. The object is to make investing something they can relate to.

Teens are the investors and the consumers of the future. They already outnumber seniors in this country.

Because stock prices are constantly changing due to volatility in the market, I’ve simply rounded up a recent price hot stock price for the sake of simplicity.

So, once again, don’t even think about ETFs, mutual funds or index funds. These investment vehicles are boring to most folks but especially to teens. Do you have teenagers living in your home?

According to the latest numbers there are 41,731,524 people between 10 and 19 living in this country currently. Wait a minute! Bob Jones in Greenville SC just had his 10th birthday today. Now the number is 41,731,525. Talk about volatility! That number is higher than the number of seniors aged 65-113. According to the 2010 Census there were 40,267,984 seniors in this age range in the U.S.

In only 15 years, today’s teens will be in the advertiser-coveted age range of 25-34 and will be the main consumers of products in this country. That being the case, dare we consider taking a lesson from today’s teens and buy the things they like now?

Here is a list of stocks to consider that represent companies that get teens excited.

Tesla: Alternative energy and Space X appeal to today’s youth. These aren’t publicly available yet however. Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla produces an electric car that kids love. Though down recently, Tesla is trading today at around $335 which is up from 12 months ago when it was trading at $255. The future is unpredictable for this company however, with lot’s of volatility showing in its charts. The ride may be a bit bumpy in the short term.

Apple: Does this surprise anyone? Kids today(and adults as well) love their iPads and iPhones. No kid brags about getting the latest Microsoft tablet do they? Of course not. Apple stock is up significantly over its $33 price from a year ago and currently trades around $157.

Amazon: This is where these future big spenders will be spending all their money in 15 years. Who knows how far Amazon will go in the future as current obstacles to their success are quite limited. The stock has almost doubled from it’s $800 price last March and is currently trading around $1389 per share.

Disney: Kids today have grown up attached to Disney unlike any generation before. They know and love Disney. And thanks to recent acquisitions of franchises that include Marvel and Star Wars, they will continue to be fans of Disney even into adulthood. Disney currently trades around $110 per share which is up slightly from its $104 price 12 months ago.