A car accident can be absolutely terrifying. One may happen suddenly with no warning. It can be even scarier when another driver was at fault for the accident. However, you need to try to keep a clear mind after a car crash. The steps you take next can make a big difference in regards to obtaining compensation for both the damage to your vehicle as well as your own body. Therefore it’s very important to have a plan ahead of time. Here are four steps you should take after such an accident.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

Having the other driver’s insurance and personal information is crucial. You should obtain it no matter who was at fault for the accident. If the other driver was at fault, they may try to get away from the scene without disclosing their identity to you. Make sure this does not happen. Write down their license plate number as well, especially if they refuse to talk to you.

Call the Police

To prove the other driver was at fault for the accident, you need as much evidence as possible. This includes evidence from independent third parties. There is no independent third party more trusted in the legal system than the police. After the accident, call the police and let them do their job. The responding officer will make a report and hopefully record facts that will help prove that your side of the story is in fact the true one. The police may also gather witness reports that can be a great deal of help

Contact an Attorney

If significant damage was inflicted on you due to someone else causing a car accident, you should absolutely contact a car accident attorney to discuss your legal options. This is especially the case if you had significant medical injuries. Such injuries may never truly heal and cause you issues for years or decades into the future. Any such disability should be fully compensated for in a court of law when another party’s negligence or disregard for safety is at fault.

Go to the Doctor

If you sustained any kind of injury or suspect you have from a car accident, you should go to a doctor immediately. This should of course be done for your own health. The seriousness of an injury may not be completely apparent to you. However, it’s also important for creating documentation that proves your injuries occurred when you said they did and how you said they did. This is extremely important for proving your case in a lawsuit or when filing an insurance claim.

Car accidents can be scary. However, make sure to take the right steps directly after one. Doing the right things can prevent the accident from harming your financial future. What you do is extremely important. It could impact your life for years to come. Thus, you should make a plan, have an attorney ready for if you need one, and have the insurance you will likely need. The above steps should help you know what to do after an accident.