Vehicles come with standard equipment and appearances from their manufacturers, but that means there is plenty of room for owners to customize their passenger cars any way that suits them. These changes can be entirely aesthetic or provide practical purposes, or both. Look into making these four sleek changes to your vehicle to spice things up.

A Winch or Grill Guard

If you enjoy the outdoors and your car will be doing a lot of off-roading, a winch and grill guard will make your car look much more rustic and intimidating, as well as provide a practical purpose. Winches can be mounted on the rear or the front (or both) and use rope, cable or chain to get the job done. They help remove your car from ditches and mud holes. They also allow your car to pull heavy objects. This capability can really be of aid in a pinch. Grill guards snap onto the front of your car and protect the vehicle from any damage that might be sustained by colliding with objects while off-roading.

Add a Hood Scoop

Hood scoops are placed on the hood of your car with the primary purpose of providing greater airflow to the engine. This helps prevent overheating, which can irreparably damage your car. It can also drastically improve the performance of your engine. Hood scoops that are closed are also an option, and thus serve a purely decorative purpose. Closed hood scoops, however, can, in theory, improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and thus result in better gas mileage. They come in many different designs and colors, so you can pick out the one that complements your car the best. Also know the potential downsides of hood scoops. They provide a new avenue for debris, dirt and water to get into the engine, so it is important to ensure your engine remains clean and good filters are present. Hood scoops can also increase the noise made by the engine, which can be desirable for muscle cars but a problem when dealing with noise ordinances.

New Upholstery, Carpeting, or Floor Mats

If your car is older, replacing these things can make your car look sleek and new again. They can also make any new car look far more snazzy and unique compared to what the manufacturer put in. Custom upholstery can be of higher quality and better resist wear and tear in addition to looking much nicer. Floor mats protect your vehicle’s carpeting from mud, salt, wear and other unpleasant things that might get tracked into your car. If the carpet is already worn, replacing it can breathe new life into the vehicle. If any of these things are worn or damaged and you plan to sell the vehicle, a restored interior can also help you fetch a much higher price for the car than you would have been able to get otherwise.

Stickers or Paint

If you’re the type to proclaim your individuality, giving your car a custom paint job can be the way to go. This can include pin striping (which looks especially good on classic cars), a fresh color with highlights or something more flashy. It’s easy to go overboard with this, so ensure your alterations remain in good taste. Even something as simple as bumper stickers or decals can give your car a personalized look. It can be very fun to customize your car’s look how you want it, and make it much easier to find in a parking lot.

The options for customizing your car are nearly endless. Whether you primarily care about practical performance or appearance, there are a number of alterations you can make. This will make your car look sleeker and more unique than it ever would have otherwise.