Your roof is one of the simplest, yet most important exterior features of your home. For the most part, it works to keep your home dry and doesn’t do much else that you might be aware of. Given this simplicity, you might think that there’s not much you can do to change its appearance to help change the look of your home. To put that myth to rest, though, here are four simple ways you can spruce up your roof.

Clean It

Just like every other exterior component of your home, your roof can become stained over time. These stains are a result of tree droppings, animal droppings, and general discoloration from weather exposure, especially harsh sun. By using a pressure washer to remove these years of built-up stains, you can restore a like-new appearance to your roof and help lengthen its life by removing corrosive substances. This will especially help your shingles to last longer.

Replace Your Gutters

Though not directly a part of your roof, your gutters serve as a kind of “frame” to your roof, meaning that if your gutters look good, your roof will, too. If your gutters are worn out and falling apart, replacing them will help spruce up your roof. In addition, having good gutters on your home will help protect your roof because they are less likely to overflow, a condition which could cause roof damage and even damage to your foundation. Of course, if your gutters are simply dirty, you can use a pressure washer on them or apply a new coat of paint. Make sure to clean out your gutters every year to keep them looking nice as well.

Replace Missing Shingles

If a storm has caused some of your shingles to go missing, replacing them with similar shingles is a great way to spruce up your roof. You can have roofing services inspect your roof to ensure every shingle that is missing is properly replaced and secured. They can also check for any loose tiles and repair them so that they don’t cause you additional trouble in the future. 

To help with color matching, it’s a good idea to try and save a couple of packs of shingles when you have your roof replaced in case the manufacturer stops producing that particular color.

Replace Vents

Even if your roof is in good shape, the vents that protrude through the roof may need to be repaired or replaced. These components are especially vulnerable to hail damage, as their metal surfaces clearly show dents and dings. If you do decide to replace these components, it’s important to ensure that they’re properly seated under the surrounding shingles so that no leaks occur when it rains.

In some cases, your best efforts to spruce up your roof will fall short. If that happens, your best option is typically to have a new roof installed. This process allows you to install a new protective layer over your home so that you can be confident in the protection it can provide and you can decide in a new aesthetic for your home in the process.