Self-employment has become a trend that will not soon abate. As a matter of fact, 65 million workers will be freelancers by the year 2020 if trends continue. While self-employment is a viable option, you may want to work outside of the home at some point. That’s why this article will reveal jobs typically done by freelancers that can also be done by working for a company.


Business Project Management

When you work in business project management, you will supervise and work with strategies between a client and a company. You will not only come up with strategy plans, but you will also supervise the integration teams to make sure that the project is completed. During your projects, you will also preside over project restrictions such as time, quality, and cost. One of the main parts of your job is to oversee the phases of project development and supervise the members of your team.



As a marketing coordinator, you will create different customer service experience plans for brands. You will also research and judge the insights of your team and manage the relationships with your clients. A part of your job will entail tracking the budgets of your clients, managing products, and updating websites. You could also work on brand campaigns, content creation, and proofreading. This is one of the most versatile careers out there because of how much demand there is for great marketing. You can work for one company, do freelance consultation, work for a firm, or even start your own marketing business.


Web Development

Web developers give their clients support for the development of applications. They may also create tools for websites, implement current applications into their clients’ software platform, and work on software systems. A large part of the job description of a web developer involves providing technical support, improving applications and architecture, and managing the sites and servers of their clients. A web developer can get plenty of work by designing sites as a freelancer or working for a company as their private consultant.



Accountants reconcile financial accounts and help their clients with audits and federal and state tax returns. They provide their clients with billing services, help with inventory, balance their clients’ financial books, and perform audits. Accountants will spend a large part of their work week performing bookkeeping tasks, reconciling bank statements, and helping their clients with financial reporting to state and federal agencies. If you’re good with numbers and don’t mind putting that to use, accounting can be a great choice. You can work with a larger firm or even work independently for individuals.


Real Estate

While real estate isn’t the most stable industry to work in, it almost always has opportunities for work. Real estate has quite a few different roles to consider. Whether it’s handling your own assets or working for an agency like Adams, Cameron and Co., realtors can make a respectable salary if they’re willing to work hard.


Whether you decide that you want to freelance for the time being or work in an office, these 4 jobs will serve many workers well in this economy. The great thing about working in these 4 industries is the flexibility surrounding work circumstances. All 4 of these jobs can give you a great living, wherever you work.