Realtors have more options for helping them sell homes today than ever before. Yet, many realtors still appear to struggle with the sales side of their craft. While this is often blamed on market conditions, the truth may be closer to being that realtors are simply not taking advantages of all the tools available to them today. Tools that could transform their marketing and sales efforts like they have for other realtors that sell numerous homes each month. The following are four resources that realtors can employ today to become a top seller in their area.


If you do not have an MLS account yet, then you are detached from the backbone of the real estate market. The listings you could be pushing in your area are all found on the MLS. It comes with an annual fee, but you have to spend money to make money. This is a basic business principle that people snub their nose at to the detriment of their own income potential.

The Mailing List

Whether you use snail mail or email, every successful realtor has a trusty list of people they can market to in the real estate game. Generally, it is best to host this list online with a website that helps potential investors and buyers opt in to your email list. The right approach to selling real estate could have literally thousands upon thousands of eager buyers waiting for your every email and that next buying opportunity. Using an auto-responder to help you keep this list engaged is also a great idea.


It is live, and you can stream any video content about a home you need to any potential buyer you want. If your list of buyers are hooked in to your Periscope feed, you could potentially have bidding wars on your hands where you come out ahead every time. That simple walkthrough is possible to upload in real time for your list to watch, you just have to do the work of video marketing live to make it happen. Just alert your list to when you will be live streaming, and watch the dollars roll into your pocket.


It is free to host your own channel on YouTube where you can talk about anything you want. So, why not become an authority figure in your industry that people trust and listen to every word of by putting up your own real estate channel on YouTube? That weekly video you upload will add new subscribers to your buyers list, and it will give you all kinds of opportunities to advertise homes while you educate people on tips and tricks to buying a home in our modern age the smart way. If you are a YouTube hit, you can even get paid for your expertise while marketing to a growing audience.

In the past, marketing and persuading buyers to purchase homes was a hectic and costly endeavor for realtors. Today, countless tools and resources exist that realtors are not even taking advantage of that could easily change their bottom line for the better and put much of their business on autopilot. Finding out about these resources may take some research, but so will any money making venture where the goal is to earn more profits.