You wake up as your alarm goes off and you try to sit up in bed. Your lower back screams with an achy pain that makes you want to go right back to sleep. You don’t know if you injured it, if you have arthritis or if something else is wrong. All you know is one thing: you’re experiencing joint pain. Everyone experiences joint pain at some point in their lives. It can occur in the hands, the elbows, the back, the knees, and the list can go on and on. The thing that stays the same in all cases is that you don’t deserve to have it and that you want it gone. To help you, here are the top 4 most effective remedies to getting rid of joint pain.


  1. Therapy

Depending on the joint, your age, and the severity, physical therapy can be an easy fix for the joint. Sometimes pain can be caused because the joint has become stiff and needs the tendons and ligaments around it to be more flexible. If you think that is the case then simply set up an appointment with a physical therapist so that they can assess your needs. You can also do stretches on your own to relieve pain. If physical therapy doesn’t work for you then you should try going to a stem cell therapy center and have them take a look at the joint. Stem cells are cells that can take the form of any other cell in the body. It can be for regenerative work or preventative work. After setting up an appoint at the stem cell therapy center, you will meet with a therapist who will assess the situation. The therapist will then give you the treatment that you need to lessen or erase the pain and the problem.


  1. Yoga

Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, a more balanced metabolism, weight loss, etc. The main benefit of yoga is that it ensures that your joints remain flexible. For patients with arthritis, it is beneficial to provide that flexibility that will reduce inflammation in your body and keep your joints from locking up. Yoga has been proven to aid with reducing pain in your body due to the slow movements that the requirements of keeping your body in a form that encourages healing. Another benefit of yoga is that it allows to you exercise with an aching joint without you having to worry whether exercise will damage the healing process.


  1. Use Hot and Cold Pads

If you have arthritis pain in your joints, then you need to try using a heating pad on the affected area. A heating pad will provide relief of pain and loose the joint. If your joint pain is the result of an injury then you should try using a cold pack to reduce the swelling and allow the joint to heal properly. Wrap a gel back in a towel so you can wrap it around the joint. For a heating pack, you can use a liter-sized water bottle and fill it with hot water. If the pain is in your back then sit up against a chair with pillows against your upper and lower back for support. Then put the hot water bottle on your lower back for pain relief. If the pain is in the knee, prop up your leg on the couch and simply put the water bottle next to the area that has pain.


  1. Lose Weight

Most of the time, joint pain in the back, knees, and hips are the result of extra weight. The weight the wears down on the joints and causes wear and tear and inflammation. Reduce that problem, find a way to lose the extra weight that you have. There are a lot of easy health regimens that will help you to lose the weight that you don’t need while not placing any stress on your aching joints.


Find the remedy that works for you and that helps with your specific joint pain. You can even branch out and try meditation, acupuncture, and other alternative ways of relieving your pain. Whatever it is that you do try, find something that you feel comfortable with.