Noticeably, there are many available DIY project resources online. From simple crafts for toddlers to complex projects for middle school kids, one can always find a variety of these sorts. The trend of DIY project is continuously increasing with the number of parents that are constantly creating and sharing arts and crafts instructions online. But why exactly are DIY projects for kids becoming a popular trend for parents? Here are 4 reasons:

In this uncertain economic climate, many parents are constantly looking for ways to save money. This is especially true when it comes to providing for their children. Whether it is food, clothing, or toys, parents find themselves on the continual search for a bargain. This could explain the rise in sales at Thrift Stores, discount grocery stores like Aldi, and the uptrend in Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that result in playthings for children.

With that in mind, it is easy to see why many parents have jumped on board with the latest DIY trend when it comes to their children’s needs. Basically, many of these project items are built, created, or designed with the materials already available at home. Granted, the materials may not have been originally manufactured for the DIY project use; example, plastic alphabet pieces used as cookie cutters and templates for cardboard cutout stencils. But this is where the obvious cost effectiveness of DIY comes into play.

2. Self-Esteem Booster
Considering that these DIY projects result in useful items for the children, these projects can be considered essential in the healthy development of the child involved. From a psychological standpoint, involving a child in the manufacturing of a toy, helps them gain a sense of accomplishment and an elevated level of self-esteem. Every time they use the project item, they will remember that they had a hand in its production. And that could result in a sense of pride that will accent the level of joy in the child as they use the item.

3. Quality Bonding Time
As many parents already know, working on projects with their children also creates a bond. This bond can be strengthened by the fact that together, the parent and child, created something fun. Both can be proud with their combined innovation, thereby solidifying their relationship. Also, they can grow closer with the knowledge that not only did the child receive and create a wonderful toy but that this particular item is unique and not available in stores. It is a common perception that hand-created gifts are revered more than store bought ones. The time, care, and talent needed to create it, shows that the giver put heart and soul into the gift. And that generally makes the gift more special to the recipient. That premise is essentially the same with DIY projects.

4. Availability of Instructional Materials
Not all of us have creative minds that can easily come up with a project. Most of the time, we emulate other people’s handiwork and add in our personal touch. DIY projects made available online for free reproduction have pushed parents to go for it. Combine that with the convenience of producing physical copies of instructions, then DIY projects have become a worldwide trend. Know that for parents owning laser printers at home, printing DIY resources has become a non-issue since third party consumables are offered at more affordable pricings. Compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges cost approximately 30% to 50% cheaper than the OEMs while compatible printer toner refill kits at 70% less.

There may be other reasons why DIY crafts have become a popular trend. But certainly these 4 are on top. How about you? What reasons come to mind?