Just a few short decades ago, it wasn’t difficult to establish a meaningful career with a high school diploma. However, in a world with constant innovations and such a high degree of technical advancement, employers are in need of scholars who’ve received post-secondary education.

While a bachelor’s degree puts you ahead of the game, they are becoming more common. In fact, from 1990 to 2014, the percentage of people aged 25 to 29 who had earned their bachelor’s degrees increased by around 40 percent. This means there’s much more competition in the job market. Today, there’re more reasons than ever to encourage your kids to pursue a master’s degree in history.

1. So Many Options

In all honesty it really all depends on what your children want to do with their life in terms of their career. A master’s degree in history can really be a stepping stone for a variety of careers. Your child could go on to work in research centers, museums, libraries, or schools. Depending on the specific interests of your child, they’re sure to find an outlet that will pique their interest. They could also use this degree to get into politics and it can help open a variety of other government jobs as well.

2. Starting a Business

There’s always a need for people capable of interpreting the history of various locations around the world. Tourists pay good money to truly enjoy their time in foreign places. By obtaining a master’s degree in history, you child could be on their way to creating a fun and exciting business anywhere in the world.

3. Great Stepping Stone for Law School

A master’s degree in history is a great stepping stone for law school. It can help open even more doors to tougher law schools than just a mere bachelor’s degree ever could. Law school is intense, and even the entrance exam requires a high level of intellect. By first earning a master’s degree in history, your child can give themselves an advantage. Not only can this help them get into the school of their choice, but it can also give them the unique background they need to make it in this field.

4. Online Options

It’s never been easier to earn a master’s degree, and there are now even online programs available to allow the best students to receive access to the education they are looking for. Even if the school of their dreams is many states away, they can look into earning their master’s degree in history online anywhere with Internet access. This is especially convenient for students who have families to take care of or if they work full time jobs. The online option also allows students to go part time and at their own pace while maintaining their jobs and taking care of their families.

A World of Opportunity

Although there’s a lot of competition in the job market, there’s also a world of opportunity, and you can start preparing your child for a rewarding career they’ll not only be proud of but also enjoy. They will also be able to better understand where the world is going by understanding where the world as been. Now’s the time to begin encouraging them to pursue their master’s degree in history.