Being in a relationship is a difficult thing to master. With each new one, we learn something different that changes our previous perspective but that doesn’t mean we can easily apply those lessons to a new partnership. Sometimes we’re in love but are struggling to find an effective way to communicate or issues from the past keep resurfacing to disrupt intimacy and being a happy couple.

If you’re thinking that maybe you’re having some issues with your relationship, here are 4 reasons why entering couples’ therapy might be called for.

The Arguments Are Getting Worse

The arguments flare up at the most unexpected times and someone loses their patience. When they turn into flat out, high-volume rows that escalate quickly into shouting and tears, then no one is listening to the other person in the relationship. When things reach that point, it’s very difficult for two people in the relationship to take a step back, to each air their grievances and move forward positively.

To get some distance and a third-party view on the situation, you should consider a service such as family psychiatry in North Jersey to begin to work through the root of the issues causing the arguments. Quite often it’s not the thing that people argue about that is the core reason why they’re arguing in the first place. Resentment, unresolved anger, and perceived slights typically trigger an overresponse to newer, fresh wounds and a feeling of being disrespected.

Trust Has Been Lost and You Are Struggling to Rebuild It

When trust has been lost in a relationship, couples may valiantly attempt to rebuild it but lack the tools to be successful at it. Cheating on a partner is one of the most common reasons which causes a loss of trust. Even messaging with another person in a romantic or sexually inappropriate way (when you have a relationship already) can create a rift because it feels like a betrayal. Talking to someone together about these issues helps get hurt feelings out in the open and to agree on setting new boundaries to redevelop trust so that the relationship can progress.

Relationship Growing Pains

Partnering up when quite young is great but it can cause issues a few years’ later when you’re older, you’ve matured and have changed quite a lot. You may not wish to change partners per se, but what was once interesting about them maybe holds little interest now. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to still find your beau hot or sexy when your tastes are a little different to when you were younger.

Your Partner is Starting to Be Controlling

A controlling partner can quickly get on your nerves. When they need to constantly know where you’re going or who you were with, it’s gets old real fast. They can also be psychologically manipulative by trying to gaslight you, making you question what you’re doing, what things you remember or have forgotten, and interrogating you about your mindset and thinking process. In this situation, they may not be totally aware that they’re doing it, in which case, with some help they can address a necessary change in their behavior.

There are many good reasons to see a therapist to help with your relationship. The goal is to have a happier partnership and a good life. Seeing a therapist means working toward that goal, rather than having another relationship end in a break-up. As such, see it as the positive move that it is to talk to an outside party to seek couples’ help.