When you decide it is time to take driving lessons, do you feel like taking them from a colleague, friend or family member? If you are having such thoughts, give it a second thought. There are many risks that could get you into trouble.

Top schools offer top-grade driving instructors in Birmingham. Do you want amateur lessons or lessons from someone, who is part of the driving school and an expert at giving driving lessons?


A driving instructor will help you gain great insight about the art of driving and various safety regulations that might be missed out by the colleague, friend or family member; you decide to go to for the lessons. Driving instructors will always take interest in your lessons and make even the most nervous learners relax. Here are some benefits of taking your driving lessons from a certified driving instructor:

  1.   Learning driving test routes: A good driving instructor will guide the learner on routes that are usually part of potential test routes. They will try to familiarize you with those routes. As you gain an understanding of the route you will be able to meet the demands of the driving test and pass it with flying colors with a little help from your efficient driving instructor.
  2.   Peace of Mind for Learners and their family members: Everyone is always excited about the thought of learning to drive, but the fact remains that once they sit behind the wheel, fear starts to creep in. This nervousness can be disastrous for your driving lessons and driving test. On top of that, you or your family might be tensed as you head out for your first driving lesson. A certified driving instructor has the training to handle stressful situations and will make sure that the learner does not freak out or feel nervous. With an efficient instructor’s guidance, the learner will be able to excel in the art of driving.
  3.   Practice: When you go on private driving lessons, there is a chance that you do not head over for regular practice. Without proper practice, chances of excelling at your driving test can be quite difficult. Taking the lessons from a driving instructor means that you cannot miss your driving lessons. Regular driving lessons will help you become a confident driver.
  4.   Knowledge & Experience: A driving instructor has been teaching his/her pupils the art of driving, so they are well versed in the safety regulations. A non-professional instructor might miss out on the latest regulations, which the driving instructor would never miss. On top of that, there are certain changes that the driving test might undergo. If someone is not from a driving school, they cannot be informed about the changes. Without the knowledge about such changes, you might fail your driving test. An instructor will know about the changes and conduct your driving lessons accordingly.

Planning on getting your driver’s license? Have you decided on which school to go to for your driving lessons? If you have not then you need to do so immediately. When you start early, then you are in no hurry to finish early, so you can learn at the correct pace to become an efficient driver.

Are you thinking about taking lessons from family, friend or colleague? Do you have any idea how much that can cost you? You might not learn the proper driving skills and ultimately fail your driving test. Taking the lessons under an efficient instructor, on the other hand, will earn you many benefits. You will be able to master the art of driving, become a confident driver and pass your driving test with flying colors.

So, make sure that the school from which you are taking your driving lessons have a team of capable and efficient instructors, who will lead you to success.